Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Review of Whisper Kiss

Whisper Kiss
Deborah Cooke
Penguin Group
391 pages

Whisper Kiss is the fifth of Ms. Cooke’s Dragonfire novels. It is Niall’s story and they just keep getting better and better.

Niall Talbot is a member of the Pyr a rare dragon shape shifter race of protectors of the earth and all her treasures including humans. His main objective is to hunt down and destroy the deadly Shadow Dragons who are trying to prevent the Pyr from doing their duties, In the midst of hunting these elusive creatures the last thing he needs is his firestorm, the one chance a dragon has to find his true mate and bring about an offspring and continue the line of Pyrs. And above that he doesn’t need or want a smart mouthed, trashy dressed tattoo artist as the one and only one the great Wyvern has chosen for him. Rox has lived a lie for years, hidden behind the goth make up and biker gang clothes is a heart of gold that’s still hurting from the betrayal at the hands of the one person in her life who should have protected her. Now she’s faced with a dilemma, she’s loosing her latest project, a lazy non-productive dragon shifter who’s been with her for three years, so isn’t she surprised to find out that the man her project is leaving her for is non other than another dragon shifter, only this one comes with sparks. Well let the sparks fly.

Ms. Cooke has created for us her audience a wonderfully creative and colorful alternate look at paranormal romance, where she gives us grand creatures with gem like scales who fly, breath fire and roar to protect their world, their friends and especially their loves. Her dialogue is no nonsense hard knocks and street savvy that one would expect from truly alpha male types and then she mixes it up with the eloquence and voice of reason of the women in her novels and as she spins the tale her readers can picture in their minds eye the brilliance of the flying mythological creatures, not to mention the fire they breath as they make mincemeat out of their opponents. Her hero and heroine in this episode of good vs evil are truly the ideal of opposites attracting and isn’t it good to know that the firestorm knows best because other wise these two would never have been the couple they were destined to become. Her other characters are equally well created and portrayed and I like the fact that we get to catch up on the couples that have come before and wonder who will get their firestorm next. The romance is sweet and it’s good to see old fashioned courtesy and chivalry as evidenced by Niall. The love scenes on the other hand are as earthy as the dragons themselves and physical in their intensity.

So give yourself a well deserved break from reality and treat yourself to a truly new concept in romance, that’s right fall in love with a dragon, you won’t be sorry you did. This novel stands well on it’s own, but to get all the nuances and the whole story check out the other novels in the series. Go to Ms. Cooke’s website and get them all. And Deborah, I can’t wait for the next installment of the legend.


  1. Isn't Deb the best! I love her Claire Delacroix historicals!

  2. Thanks for the post Monica, yes she is. And I also loved her historical romances, plus her Fallen Angel series. Oh well I just love her.