Friday, September 17, 2010

Review of A Kiss At Midnight

A Kiss at Midnight
Eloisa James
Harper Collins
370 pages
Well there’s no coach turning into a pumpkin and no horses turning into mice, but there is “ A Kiss at Midnight in this wonderful Cinderella tale.
Eloisa James has a rare talent when it comes to historical romance, she always brings her audience right into the story where we can feel the rasp of whiskers as they brush our cheeks and feel in our hearts the pain of letting go. Now the plot obviously isn’t new it’s Cinderella after all complete with a charming prince, a godmother and a wicked stepmother and yet unique in it’s twists and turns from the original tale. Her dialogue is witty and flowing, it’s prose like and detailed right down to those famous glass slippers. Her characters are quirky, funny and interesting from the top right down to the yappy little dogs and she gives each of them such personality that it’s hard not to get involved emotionally in her script. Her hero Gabriel and heroine Kate are the most impressive of her cast and as they fall in love we her readers can’t help but feel the passion and the pain of that love. Her romance is tragic and heartfelt and we wonder up til the end if they’ll get that sought after happy ever after. Her love scenes are inventive, detailed and physical in their intensity.
So if you’re in the mood for all the things you remembered from a little girl about Cinderella and add a few more to her repertoire A Kiss at Midnight is the next novel you should read. Also check out her other wonderful historical romances on her website at

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