Monday, September 27, 2010

Review of The Immortals

The Immortals
J T Ellison
400 pages

The Immortals is the 5th in the Taylor Jackson series. A must read for the autumn and one you will not soon forget. A chilling tale of murder and mayhem and things that go bump in the night.

The Halloween decorations have been finished and the house is ready for the influx of ghosts, goblins and ghouls due on the 31st, now your only decision is your next read, something in tune with the season. Let me help you with that, pick a comfortable spot on the sofa, put your feet up and get ready to be scared out of your mind by The Immortals.

Taylor Jackson has been reinstated just in time for the bloodiest Halloween Nashville has ever seen and to make it all worse, the blood spilled is high school students, boys and girls who will never be able to reach their potential, never marry and never have children of their own. There is definite signs of the occult in the murders and it’s up to Taylor and her crew to ferret out the truth and find the killer.
While Taylor is up to her armpits in blood and gore John Baldwin is reliving his worst nightmare, the result of that nightmare is what brought him back to Nashville and to Taylor, his salvation. Now he’s alone at Quantico under orders to bring back to life a time that almost ended his career and his life.

J T Ellison is one of the most masterful storytellers I have ever had the privilege of reading and that fact is brought to life by this, her latest episode in her Taylor Jackson series. The story line is straight out of the worst nightmare ever imagined, added to that the practice of black arts that leads to the crimes. She brings about this with direct, descriptive, matter of fact dialogue that her readers have come to recognize as she takes us through the streets and neighborhoods of Taylor’s crime beat. Add to that the pleasure her readers will encounter as her scenes jump off the pages and embed themselves right in your minds eye so that you can experience along with the characters just what’s happening and relive with them every terrifying act. Her characters remain the heartbeat of her tales and as her audience has gotten to know Taylor and her team better they continue to become more and more real to us. Her main protagonist Taylor matures with every novel and every crime spree that she puts her heart and soul into solving until she becomes a friend to the readers who can’t help but empathize with her every emotion. And emotion is what sets apart this novel, the fact that readers will run through every emotion known to them as they turn page after pulse pounding, nail biting page. You can’t discount her co-starring characters either as they will wow us with the roles they play from the staunchest cop to the vilest of evil doers.

Do not walk but run to your nearest bookseller for this most extraordinary thriller that will appeal to all lovers of the genre and appeal to male readers as well as female. This is the 5th in a series and it does stand very well on it’s own, but my suggestion is that if this is your first foray into J T Ellison, go back and learn all about the life and times of Taylor Jackson, her friends and her enemies by reading the whole series.
This novel will not take long to top the best sellers chart.

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