Thursday, December 15, 2011

Q&A with the authors of Kill Switch

Please welcome Neal Baer and Jonathan Greene

Gentlemen thank you so much for taking the time to answer just a few questions about your new novel.

Debbie - You both obviously work well together in television production, where did the idea for co-authoring a novel come from?

N&J -Nine years ago, I went to Jon with an idea for what was to be a feature film, but evolved into a novel. It involved a forensic psychiatrist-in-training who is working with prisoners about to be paroled. The particular patient she gets assigned is accused of committing sex crimes.

Since Jon and I had already worked together closely on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit for two years, we knew we were a good match as creative collaborators. We each brought different strengths and perspectives to the story. I drew on my obsession with the films of Alfred Hitchcock, especially VERTIGO, and my training as a physician. Jon has an abundance of experience from his previous work as a news journalist and producer for Court TV. The book needed the law enforcement side, as well as the medical and psychiatric background in order to work.

D - How is writing together different from working together on the tv set?

N&J- In the case of KILL SWITCH, it wasn't much different. TV writing requires many passes to hone the story and characters; so did writing KILL SWITCH. In some ways, writing a novel is easier; your focus is solely on the written page and not on casting, directing, lighting, wardrobe, makeup, props and editing. However, the challenge of writing a novel is that all elements rest on the novelist -- we must describe in prose what our characters are wearing, we must paint a picture of the scene only in words. TV allows you to show a reality; in a novel it’s all in the reader's head.

D -How did you split up work on the novel?

N&J -Our process is one of writing and constantly rewriting. We spend hours together talking through the plot points, writing and rewriting the outline and then writing the chapters. Jon wrote the first chapters and I rewrote them. In the last third we alternated writing and rewriting each other's chapters.

D - Will there be more co-authored novels in the future for you?

N&J -Yes! Two more novels -- at least -- with our protagonist Dr. Claire Waters are in contract. We will write those together as well. In the next book, Claire will be faced with another mystery that will test her abilities as a forensic psychiatrist and put her in grave danger.

D -Are you planning any B&N book signings?

N&J -We will be signing KILL SWITCH on its release day – Tuesday December 13 – at the B&N Tribeca in New York City at 6pm.

For more info about KILL SWITCH, readers can visit and They can also follow Neal Baer on twitter @nealbaer or download the KILL SWITCH APP for iPhone or Droid.

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