Friday, December 9, 2011

Review of Hidden Summit by Robyn Carr

Hidden Summit
Robyn Carr

352 pages


After being the only witness to a murder and reporting it Danson Conner’s been threatened, his business burned to the ground and the only way the DA can protect him, his sister and her two boys is by placing them with new IDs in separate parts of the country. And so he finds himself in picturesque, remote Virgin Rivers where he’s to stay until the trial. Now known as Conner Danson he’s found work and a lady that makes his temperature rise. But Conner doesn’t trust easily, he’s got major baggage.

Leslie Petruso’s life took a dramatic change when her marriage raveled and now the place she’s called home forever seems more like a prison especially when she can’t seem to stay out of sight of her ex and his new pregnant wife. To make matters worse he still wants to be friends. The only regret in leaving is that her beloved parents are here but she needs a change of scenery. Now she just wants to run as far away as possible and thanks to the generosity of her former boss she’s found sanctuary in Virgin River. Trying to settle into her new life the last thing she needs is a pair of knowing blue eyes to mess with her finally settling life.

Leslie and Conner want to resist the temptation and attraction they feel for each other, but it seems the Universe sees it differently. What will happen when this “Hidden Summit” reveals the secrets of these two deserving of happiness lonely people.

Robyn Carr continues to delight us with her Virgin River series and as she takes us from winter into spring and summer she brings us yet another couple who delight us and another story that catches our interest and our imagination and won’t let us go until we finally turn the last page. And where sometimes the intrigue of our characters is enough in this one she brings us another more sinister element to make us bite our nails as we read on to find out what happens. She does this with her own uniqueness and ability to spin a tale and with her down home narrative that makes these chapters in her characters lives easy for us to read and hard for us to put them down. In this novel she shows us the vulnerabilities of her characters and in spite of them their wish to find love and happiness within the limits of Virgin River. Conner and Leslie are yet another couple deserving in their own HEA who just happen to find themselves in this magical place and yet in this romance she brings us suspense and danger that will also delight any crime drama lover. The romance is sweet and romance lovers will eat it up while they keep their fingers crossed that this deserving couple will find what they seek. The love scenes will also warm you up on a cold winters day with the intensity and sensuality that we associate with Ms. Carr.
If you’ve never journeyed to Virgin River please don’t stop here, there are many more to tickle your senses and satisfy your cravings for wonderful stories and unforgettable romances. If you are a constant visitor in Ms. Carr’s epic town you won’t be disappointed with this trip either.
Thank you Ms. Carr for yet another great getaway to your imaginary town that feels so real I can’t wait until my next visit.

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