Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Review of Immortal Rider by Larissa Ione

Immortal Rider

Larissa Ione

Grand Central Publishing

ISBN13: 9870446574471

427 pages

Limos the Horseman who will become Famine if the Apocalypse becomes reality and her seal breaks has built her life on lies. Which seems fitting seeing as she’s to become Satan’s wife. But now stopping the end of days is what she’s focused on and with the help of Angels and the Aegis she may just change her evil ways. When one particularly hot member of the Aegis does the biggest no no and kisses her and is dragged off to the underworld for his deed her focus shifts to getting him out and searching inside herself to find out why she cares.

Arik Wagner has dedicated his life to defending first against his abusive father then in the military and finally with the Aegis who is all about saving the world from demonic prophecies from coming true. Little did he know stealing a kiss from a sexy Horseman would land him down under and it’s not Australia we’re talking about. Now he’s got to survive to get out but not without help from his friends and one very sexy “Immortal Rider”.

Larrisa Ione is in a class by herself in this new world of Urban Fantasy. She mixes myth, fantasy and reality into one heck of a romance. She introduces us to new creatures with every installment and she also keeps tabs on previous characters that her fans have come to care about. In this the second in her Lords of Deliverance series she gives us a story line with all the fanfare of Revelations with a paranormal twist where good and evil are not always who or what you might think. She does this with a narrative that will spellbind you with its intensity and mesmerize you with its depth where her dialogue will leap off the page and into visualizations her readers will easily see and accept. Her characters are all over the top from demons to Immortals to creatures starring in your worst nightmare ever will have a way of although unlikely becoming our friends as she with her ability will intimate them to us. Her hero Arik and heroine Limos will battle their way into our hearts as we root them on to the happiness they reach for. Her love story is like all her others totally unbelievable in its concept and yet she with her storytelling will make you believe it while the heat of her love scenes will rival the scorching fires of the hell she so vividly describes to us.

While this is part of a series you will find this a good stand-a-lone but I’m sure after reading one they’ll become addictive and you’ll have to go back for more of the story, more of the romances and more of the legends.

Thank you Ms. Ione for another trip into the bowels of places I never thought I would enjoy but thanks to you I do.

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