Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Review of Cell 8 by Roslund and Hellstrom

Cell 8
Roslund & Hellstrom
SilverOak Publishing
Publish date 1-3-2012
384 pages

In a cell in Ohio on death row sits John Meyer Frey for the brutal murder of his girlfriend, after a decade of being there he suddenly dies in his cell, leaving the victims father and a grieving angry nation without retribution.
Six years later a singer on a cruise ship in Sweden is arrested for assault and the case is given to Ewert Grens and his team, the real mystery starts when they find that the man in the cell doesn’t exist.
During the course of investigating the Swedish case evidence arises that points to the impossible and links these two seemingly different cases that takes Grens, Hermansson and Sundkvist into not only legal waters but the dangerous deep waters of international politics, the different beliefs of two nations on the death penalty and the fine line they have to tow to keep all around peace. Especially when everything starts pointing to a long ago conspiracy.

Roslund and Hellstrom will blow you out of the water with this their latest novel starring the irrepressible and do things his own way or the highway, Ewert Grens. Adrenaline junkies will get that extra shot they require to keep them invested in a read while the rest of us quiver, sweat and bite our nails to get through it. As different as it is from Three Seconds it gives us that same feel of unanswerable questions that bring us to that ah-ha moment when it all makes sense and the pieces start fitting together. And although we get there we never stop wanting to turn the page to find out how it will turn out, who will survive and why this one has to die. But this time they go us one better and get into the politics of one nations view over another, the consequences when those views happen to collide and the fallout that collision causes and then they’ll drop kick us with an ending that will blow your socks off, make you shake your head and question the beliefs you thought were built on solid ground that’s now been disturbed by an earthquake. Yep it’s one heck of a mystery, a crime drama that expands nations, continents and decades, that uncovers the dark side of capital punishment, that tests the waters of diplomacy and gives readers one heck of a ride from start to finish.

If you liked Three Seconds you will LOVE Cell 8, if you’re starting to tire of the hoopla that surrounds Stieg Larsson try a real live team who knows how to write a story, one that will please the peoples of multiple languages and multiple nations. It’ll be your first must read of the new year and it’ll show up on the best of lists in 2012 because no one will stop talking about it, stop passing it around or stop buying it.

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  1. I am looking forward to this book. I really enjoyed Three Seconds. It sounds like this book will match up to my expectations. Thanks for the review.

  2. Hi Luanne, I think you'll really like it.