Monday, January 16, 2012

Review of The Daughter She Used to Be by Rosalind Noonan

The Daughter She Used To Be
Rosalind Noonan
376 pages

The winds of change are blowing for the Sullivans. This tight knit family of God loving and fearing cops will be strained to the very fibers of their souls. A terrible crime will rock the very foundation of all they hold near and dear. As every member faces a new and stressful day they will all handle the situation differently and some of the effects will damage an already volatile situation. Sully the patriarch has vowed to keep his family safe and when he knows that isn’t always possible, something inside him breaks. Bernie the baby of the family has turned to law to fit into this brood of blue brothers, but her beliefs will put stress on a family already falling apart. She and Sully will but heads continually but it doesn’t mean she loves him any less but for Sully the actions of Bernie make her in no uncertain terms “ The Daughter She Used To Be”. What will happen to this once golden group, will they ever recover from what happened or will they ever be changed by fate. What will happen to their once solid faith and who will suffer the most from the fallout.

Rosalind Noonan has given us very realistic look at the things that “could happen” and do, the things that tear the closest of families and friends apart, she does this with an incredible eye for detail and emotion as she spins this tale that we could read on any front page or news website. She does this with dialogue that will take her readers to the Burroughs of New York thick with diversity and flavor and deliver something very special to those of us lucky enough to read the novel. Her characters are the real stars here and she has an amazing way to intimate her audience to each and every one, no matter the role they play, no matter the depth of their involvement. She gives us a realistic look at a family drama come to life and how this one family survives the bomb blast that they will be given.
If you like family drama, crime fiction or even romantic suspense you will like this novel as Rosalind Noonan expertly mixes a bone chilling thriller with a family drama and throws us a small bone of a love story to boot.
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  1. Just finished this book a few minutes ago, loved the characters & storyline and it was captivating to the last page. Is there a website for this author?

    1. Thanks for the comments, it was a great read, I did not find a website for this author she does have a facebook page here