Friday, January 13, 2012

Review of Immortal Hope by Claire Ashgrove

Immortal Hope, Book One in the Curse of the Templars series
Clair Ashgrove
355 pages

The Templars eradicated from the ancient Church did not die, they live even now, under a curse for an order disobeyed and an ancient treasure unearthed, a treasure that has led mortals to believe in error. The Templars live among us, almost immortal protecting us from demons prophesied to ascend to the Almighty’s throne. Merrick du Loire is such a man he has lived for centuries fighting against evil answering to the archangels who lead their holy war, a man doomed to die with an evil stain upon his heart, a man who seeks his salvation.
What if you learned that the history you’ve been taught and have grown to love is a lie. Anne MacPherson, Templar scholar is faced with this inescapable truth, not only that but she is a seraph a direct descendent of the Nephilim fated in the Templar’s holy texts to save them by taking the darkness from their souls. But Anne doesn’t wan the job and she’s fighting for her very life to leave. The one thing in her way is an immovable object called Merrick and the more she’s around him the more she’s rethinking her future, is she his “Immortal Hope” or is she his downfall.

Claire Ashgrove I have enjoyed for years, she has a unique way with words that always makes a reader believe what she says. And now she takes her fans outside the box into the realm of myths and legends and she still makes her audience believe. Her storyline is from the Bible, the Old Testament where the Giants and heroes are larger than life and the word of God is shouted from Mountaintops and printed in stone and from secular history too and yet she turns our worlds upside down by leading us down her garden path. Her characters are larger than life in essence and in spirit. Her hero Merrick and heroine Anne will fill the pages with their antics, their light and their love and will have every reader pulling for a Happy Ending that doesn’t seem possible. The dialogue is a parry between the old speak of centuries ago and the modern American English and she meshes it well together so her readers never wonder what they’ve just read. Her romance is a clash of the Titans between two strong personalities that really works for the tale. Her love scenes are as earthy and sensual as the characters.
If you’re looking for a sizzling romance to warm a cold winter day look no farther than “Immortal Hope” and on the subject of Templars, this is the first in Ms. Ashgrove’s new series staring all your bigger than life heroes of old and I for one can't wait to venture into this territory again.
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  1. Hello, and greetings from a reader of romance books. I really enjoyed reading about your idea of the Templar Knights. I liked the raport between the characters. I would have liked less description of the foreplay between the couple and more about a close conection with them in a reverance type. I now sex sells but sometimes you can tell a love story and get across that love without telling of sex between them out of wedlock. The angels should not have accepted that going on under their roof. Not beleivable to me.

    1. Hi Carla, and thanks for the post. I didn't write the novel just the review, you can click the author's website from the link on the review above.
      If you like inspirational paranormal romance i really don't where you could go because all of the fantasy/paranormal romance I've seen is pretty sensual. But i did find this blog that review paranormal g rated novels