Thursday, January 26, 2012

Poem - Hope Floats

Hope Floats
Floating among the glassy sea,
Reflecting the clouds and drifting ships,
Hope looks for ones in need,
Ones like you and me.
Floating upon the rising swell,
She looks for you and me,
I hide behind the waves,
Afraid to see, to hope, to open up.
When the water rolls on,
And I stand there alone,
She is still there,
Hope is floating beside me.
She warms the chilly air,
She fills the darkest voids,
She has found you,
And now me.
Together as new friends,
Together we can share,
Together we can dream,
Together we can hope,
Together and keep each other afloat,
As we wave off hope,
Watching her give as she floats.

This poem was authored by a very special lady who is a very special part of my B& community and I wanted to share it with you.


  1. Thank you for posting here, Deb. Doesn't she make hope float. It makes you want to reach out for it.


  2. It shows a brilliant young woman who's not afraid to dream and to HOPE
    Thanks for the post Karen

  3. Hi Marilyn, it is lovely isn't it.
    i hope your 2012 is going great and I can't wait until May, what's that say about wishing your life away