Monday, February 13, 2012

Review of Flashfire by Deborah Cooke

Deborah Cooke
Penguin Group
416 pages

Lorenzo is an illusionist, deception is his business he’s also a Pyr, a dragon shapeshifter part of a brotherhood of dragons who protect the earth and it’s treasures. He’s been estranged from his brother dragons for a very long time finding the battles between them and their dark enemies the slayers barbaric and he chooses a life of solitude with his father his only close companion. During an eclipse that tells of a Pyr’s firestorm, his uniting with his destined mate it becomes all to clear to Lorenzo that this firestorm has his name on it and he only wants to sate it and move on. But the firestorm is leading him down a path he doesn’t want to journey, a path of commitment and duty and Lorenzo only has a duty to himself.
In the middle of the show Cassie Redmond sees sparks flying from the hand of Lorenzo right to her and it’s causing her no amount of comfort when she’s experiencing lusty thoughts about the magician. It’s not her job as a paparazzi photographer that brought her here to the hot Vegas sun, but she’s not one to look an opportune gift horse in the mouth when her greatest opportunity is changing into a dragon right before her eyes.
Gifted with an ancient spell Lorenzo has one last disappearing act to perform but the woman who attracts all his thoughts is making this decision harder than he would have thought and their firestorm is attracting more that just heat, it’s calling dragons both good and evil into their path and it’s giving Lorenzo and Cassie something that neither of them ever imagined possible, a future. But there’s evil in hiding wanting nothing more than to rid Lorenzo and Cassie of not only the child the firestorm will bring but their very lives as well. Can they win the war or will they be a victim of Flashfire.

Deborah Cooke is a dragon master of a storyteller and her stories only get better as the series goes on and she brings us new and different dragons, the women they must love and the enemies that are trying to get rid of them. In this novel she takes us in a different direction with Lorenzo who’s a showman and secretive at the same time. Lorenzo fills the pages with enigmatic glory only rivaled by his mate Cassie and I did not stop turning pages until the firestorm had ended and the battle between good and evil was once again fought. The dialogue always reminds me a little of Europe and a little of an long ago time and place filled with knights and maidens but there is also something very contemporary about it too and whatever “it” is works very well. The love scenes are hotter than dragonfire both in intensity and in action and what in this novel starts as lust soon grows into something much more permanent as the romance is nurtured by it’s participants. As always she brought me much more than just a mere paranormal romance but a bit of legend, myth and a creed that gives honor to her characters as well.
Deb, thank you so much for another trip to the sky courtesy of dragon wings and I as always look forward to my next journey there.
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  1. Thanks for another terrific review, Deb.

    I just wish you liked this series...! ;-)


  2. Though Lorenzo and I didn't connect, I still really enjoyed Flashfire. Cassie was a fantastic heroine who managed the monumental task of making Lorenzo a little less selfish and help reunite him with his kind. Really great and I hope to see her in future books. The story was thrilling and unpredictable and Flashfire is another great addiction to one of my favorite paranormal romance series. As usual I suggest going back and starting with book one so you don't miss anything.

    1. Espana, thanks for your comment. I'd like to know why Lorenzo didn't connect with you. Love to hear your thoughts.


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