Friday, May 10, 2013

** GIVEAWAY** Announcing the June featured read Memoirs Of An Imaginary Friend

Hey peeps exciting news I just heard from my June author and he's all in for our new and improved month long feature here at The Reading Frenzy.
Now here's some great news I have a copy of the recently released paper back issue of the novel for one of you who'll be attending the monthly feature.

It's up for grabs starting today until May 24 th just follow the simple Rafflecopter instructions below for an entry

The Giveaway is courtesy St. Martin's Press

Here's Matthew's website-you need to check out his blog it's great.

Here's my review of Memoirs Of An Imaginary Friend from when it was first published- here's a link to his Q&A at the time

Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend
Matthew Dicks
St. Martin’s Press
ISBN13: 9781250006219
320 pages

Budo and Max are best friends, Max created Budo from his imagination. Budo is Max’s imaginary friend. Budo is different from other imaginary friends, he’s been alive for longer than any imaginary friend he knows and he looks more human than a lot of imaginary friends do, that’s because Max is different than most boys his age. Max lives inside himself a lot, he doesn’t like to be touched and sometimes he get’s “stuck” inside himself too, this makes him a target for bullies and the other kids don’t know how to act around him so they mostly avoid him. Imaginary friends can see other imaginary friends even though they are only visible to the friend that created them and Budo has befriended and lost many imaginary friends since he’s been alive. Budo loves Max’s mom and dad, he loves Max’s school and most of his teachers, but not all of them. Budo also hopes that since Max is different that means that he won’t “disappear” like other imaginary friends have done, maybe Max will need him forever or at least a long, long time, because the one thing that scares Budo is disappearing.

I have to admit that several things caught my attention about this novel, first the title and second the premise, so after being reeled in by those things I was totally hooked when I started reading the book.
The narrative is intelligent, witty, innocent and adult. The story is told by Budo the imaginary friend of an 8 year old suspected autistic boy named Max, we follow Max and Budo through their very interesting life and the lives of the people and imaginary friends around them, and then something happens which gives the novel a very different feel as they get caught up in a dangerous situation and how they go about getting out of it. It’s about life, it’s about death, it’s about being brave, being scared and doing the right thing even at the cost of your own survival to help those you love, it’s a journey into unknown danger and how to persevere. And if you’re anything like me by the end of the read you’ll have been dragged through the gauntlet of emotions and wish you had a friend like Budo too.
Thank you Mr. Dicks for this very impressive novel and I can’t wait until you join us for the month next June and I’m also looking forward to journey with you as I read another of your novels.

here are Matthew's other novels

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  1. This book looks good - I'll have to check it out!

    1. It was fabulous, innocent yet worldly just great and Matthew's a hoot check out his blog-

  2. You just find awesome reads Debbie, I'm sure I'll enjoy this one, too!
    I never had an imaginary friend, but I'm curious to see how this one plays out ;)

  3. Replies
    1. Hi bn, I didn't have one either
      thanks for the visit and I hope you join us in June for the whole month read :)