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Week Two discussion of Friendship Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

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Friendship Makes The Heart Grow Fonder
Week Two

Good morning friends and welcome  to the week two discussion of the novel. The girls have a lot of “miles” under their belt so far both literally and figuratively. So let’s chat a bit about it.

Week two was an epiphanic week for Monique when Becky makes her see the light as they’re propelling down the side of a mountain.
Let’s talk about her reaction to it.
Where you surprised?
Put yourself in her shoes, what do you think you would do?

Speaking of epiphanies;
Did anyone put two and two together and realize that Becky’s kids were at risk?

I don’t think I ever laughed so hard as when they woke up in the strange hotel in Interloken.
Let’s chat about the previous night.
How many think this was an evil plot by Judy to keep both Monie and Becky on the trip?
How many were surprised it happened at all?

Finally, tell us if you’re opinions about any of the characters have changed?
Is your favorite from part one still your favorite?

I once again look forward to your responses!!


  1. I'm ahead of the game for once! Actually read this section last week, and I was so afraid I'd add a spoiler.

    I think that Becky hit the proverbial nail on the head with her comments to Monique, and I think the whole thing really blindsided her. My feeling is that Monique was so focused on completing this list of Lenny's that she never really gave it any thought beyond seeing it as a list of tasks. Or chores, perhaps. I was a little surprised by her strong reaction. I'm trying to put myself in her shoes, and I think, if I let myself take a step back, that I'd see it as a final act of love, rather than a criticism or a rebuke. Which is how I think Monique saw that list at that point.

    I really did not think of Becky's kids being at risk. I don't know anything about her disease, and hadn't really put it in terms of genetics. I completely understand her desire to rush back, but it wouldn't change anything for her children.

    No, I don't think that the bar thing was an evil plot by Judy, but I think she definitely took the opportunity to make it her own. My interpretation at this point is that Becky and Judy are starting to understand this mission a little bit better than Monique is, but Judy was the only one that had it together enough to know that they all needed to stay and see it through. Yes, I'm finally warming a little to Judy, in spite of the fact that I didn't think it would happen... ;-)

    I think Monique may still be my fave, especially when I consider her generosity. She didn't HAVE to make this about Becky, and she certainly didn't have to invite Judy. But like the weary travelers finally getting over their jet lag, I don't feel quite as annoyed with Becky and Judy.

  2. Hi Elaine, I never fear about spoilers from pros like you.
    I agree with you about Monique, I could almost see a lightbulb go off above her head

  3. Deb:
    Glad to hear Elaine is ahead of the game because I am not. I have only read one chapter of the next section but I hope to rectify that tonight. Went to Assateague MD to open up my shore house for the season. We were busy cleaning out the garage and throwing away a lot of useless stuff accumulated through the last couple of years.
    Today, my daughter took me to lunch for Mother's Day and then we went shopping and back to her house where I ran the vacuum for her and helped with folding baby clothes. Still getting ready for Finn's arrival which is now down to about 2 weeks. Just had seafood salad, brought back from the shore, on a toasted bagel. Now I am going to pick up my new glasses and Becke would love them (bling on the side)! Then I going to hit the book and be ready for tomorrow!

    1. Ick on garage cleaning :)
      Two weeks, do you remember being two weeks from your date. I do and all I wished for was unswollen feet and fitting into my car :)
      No problem girlfriend we'll chat w/you about it tomorrow

    2. Your right Debbie - two weeks from delivery was a killer. But, my daughter, Dr. Cody, VMD, is a vegetarian and is so busy with the animals at work, she doesn't fall prone to eating bad things. She doesn't even have a sweet tooth. Did you meet a kid who didn't care to eat cookies or cupcakes? So, needless to say, she looks about 6 months. She is tired because she works so hard and she has off on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesday morning but works late into the day on the other days. So, she does need help especially with Finn arriving soon. So, I'll be back tomorrow for my comments! See ya then!

    3. She's lucky to have you Eadie and how much smarter than us is she :)
      Chat w/you later

  4. I won't discuss anything about the latest chapters except . . . when my husband read the scene in Switzerland, he said to me "That sounds like fun!"

    Have I mentioned that I'm afraid of heights????

    1. Lisa, what a joy it is to revisit my fictional friends I forgot how I laughed when they woke up in a strange hotel
      I'm glad you mentioned heights to specify which scene in Switzerland you meant he he he

      I'll be posting another thought to chat about tomorrow

  5. Well, I'm finally caught up!

    No, I didn't realize that Becky's children were at risk of developing her disease. At least, she didn't get symptoms until she was older and hopefully, it is the recessive genes and may skip her children altogether.

    It was really funny when they woke up in the wrong hotel and discovered the snake and the guy in their room. Also, thought that all their belongings were stolen!

    The night before must have been a real "hoot". Would have loved to have been a 'fly on the wall' for that night! It was great though that they had a chance to let their hair done finally. Too much serious stuff going on between all of them in regards to their home-life. They needed to let their hair down. I don't think it was a plot by Judy to keep Becky and Monique from going home. I think it was just a happening but one that proved to keep them all wanting to continue the trip and finish the bucket list. I was not surprised that it happened at all. I think it's a natural release once the body starts reacting to the first drink and continues to relax even more with the next one especially after one feels so wound up from stress.

    The characters are starting to change. Becky was very hampered by her anxiety attack but gathered strength to be there on the side of the mountain for Monique. Judy slipped back from her carefree younger self to become more restrained and nervous about sliding down the mountain. But, judy came through in the end with the motorcycle ride and party at the pub. After the wild night, they all seemed to gather strength from each other and decided they were having too much fun and would love to know how to capture the fun and take it home with them.

    Monique is still my favorite with Becky coming in second and Judy is last for me.

  6. I'm off to points northeast tomorrow, for a little r&r and my young one's graduation from Smith. I'll be checking in on this blog, though - and of course I'll have my nook and will continue to read this book! I'll be here as often as I can, sans laptop.

    1. Safe travels Elaine, congrats to your youngest and we'll hold a place at the table for you!

  7. I have to admit that I loved writing that hotel scene. It was just so much fun! Not that anything like *that* had ever happened to me while I was backpacking in Europe in my youth . . . . ;)

    Except the snake part. Yeah, that was partially true. Except it happened in a waterfront bar in Oporto, Portugal. It was late at night and I was dancing with a crowd I'd fallen in with from Spain. Suddenly I looked down and realized someone had draped two snakes around my neck.


    I didn't scream -- I'd been traveling for months, so my default mode was that this was some local custom. So I smiled, slipped them off my neck, and handed them back to the guys grinning behind me.

    Ah, youth! ;)

    Lisa, fleeing....

    1. OMG, Lisa then did you go outside and throw up, local custom, default mode or not. Well I guess at least it wasn't a big hairy spider LOL
      Thanks for sharing :)

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    3. Oh Lisa, you have far more panache than I do. My cousin handed me one (in the face) when I was a teenager.... I promptly landed a left hook to his jaw, which sent him flying across the lawn in front of all his friends. (This at youth camp, of course). Needless to say, no dates for me that week. The guys were all afraid of my left hook. Lol.....
      I loved tripping over luggage that turned into big old bikers and discovering that they weren't in their rooms and then the tattoos and videos CAGE DANCING? LOL

    4. Muse, Hi (waving like crazy) I hope you're finally "plugged in" we've missed you .

      Can you see us up there LOL

  8. Hello everyone. Sorry I am late, but I have finally caught up with the tour. -- and in my favorite place, Switzerland.
    I wasn't surprised at all about the genetics and the fact it was one of the first things that I had thought of and wondered at Becky's willingness to leave them. But then we all have to find our own path to deal with life changing crisis and poor Beck has been hit by more than one slug to the gut.
    The entire episode with the bikers had me in stitches. Judy, Judy, Judy!!!! I do believe there's still a little wild juice flowing in those veins. LOL And WHO did you say suggested abstineth? Uh Huh, yeah right.... how much of what did they inhale at that club? But the morning after scene had me diving for the bathroom. Geez, Lisa... I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. A snake in the sink? Bahahahaha.
    Now, I know Judy is the "reformed hippy" and the supermom of the gaggle, but she seems to be hanging by a thread herself. The glimpses you get of Judy and her husband's relationship just brings a smile...oh that all 25+ year marriages still had that spark. But I really didn't like what she did to the girls and still not sure of her seemed to me like the "old Judy" was awakening and she couldn't bear the idea of going back to boring and empty nests...even with a hot hubby.
    Now, to Lenny and his motivations for the bucket choices.... I am not agreeing with Becky, but don't disagree with her either.... just neede to chew on it for a bit. The choices have confused me from the start.
    I have asked myself, what would be my bucket list? I do know that none of the stuff on her list would make it to mine....except maybe the dinner on the Eiffel Tower.
    BTW ---- Hey, LIsa. Loving the book. You are keeping me in stitches, again, but giving me sooooo much to chew on. You always do.

    Muse - aka Karen

    1. Karen-Muse thanks for your comments. I'm sure that you saw the post I put up yesterday just for the bucket list. I can't wait to see what you have to say about that.

      Glad you're finally here :)

  9. Okay here are my responses to this week's questions

    I don't think Becky got it quite right on Lenny's reasons (see my response to the bucket list) but she put her personal situation to play and Monie being vulnerable about it went on a tangent and blindly believed her.

    I was too busy feeling sorry for and traumatized by Becky's news to even think about genetics = kids are at risk (sneaky Lisa)

    OMG the hotel scene was brilliant Lisa and I personally think it was an evil ploy by Judy even though I think it got out of hand even for her I mean Belly shots, snakes, Monie getting kissed I want to see that on youtube :)

    My favorites haven't changed neither have my opinions I still like all the characters but Monique is my favorite maybe because we're both fiscally responsible Okay cheap :) but that's not the only reason but I can't put my finger on all of them I just know that she's the one I relate to the most.

  10. Just wanted to pop in and say I'm still behind, just finished ch 6. Every time I get a chance to read, I'm excited to discover new things happening, and getting a better picture of their personalities and discoveries about themselves, specially Judy. I believe I'm almost at the Dark/ blind restaurant scene. Question, when I finish Ch8. do I comment on the first week page, or do I just insert myself in the week your discussing in?

    1. Hi Lorelei and thanks for doing this with us.
      I'm glad you're gaining more in depth feelings about our girls and I look forward to your feelings about them.

      to answer your question you don't need to go back to week one but you can. This is not written in stone so just do what feels comfortable wherever you insert a comment we will find it and enjoy it.

  11. Sorry I'm posting this so late. I just finished this section and wanted to get my thoughts written down before I move on to the next chapters.

    I was surprised by Monique's reaction when Becky started to explain to her the real reason behind Lenny's bucket list. I expected her to be shocked, but I hadn't expected her to be so angry with him. From the beginning Judy and Becky would question the reason Lenny put certain items on the bucket list. Becky questioned Lenny's choice of taking a ride on the London Eye, remembering he wouldn't ride the rides on a trip to Six Flags and Judy wondered why he wanted them to visit the catacombs, when Monique admitted he was afraid of scary movies. The more I read about these little clues to Lenny's personality, the more I suspected that Lenny knew he wouldn't be taking this trip with Monique, so Becky's interperation made a lot of sense to me.

    I had no idea that Becky's children were at risk for the same eye disease that she had. That took me by surprise. I never would have considered that possibilty and although Becky going home halfway through their trip wouldn't change the outcome of her children's health, I couldn't help but understand her desire to go home and be with them.

    Judy knew what she was doing when she convinced Monique and Becky to stay on the trip, threatening them with putting their antics from their wild night with the bikers on facebook, but I don't think her plan was intended to be evil. I think Judy saw the potential in their trip and by tweaking it just a little bit, they could begin to relax and make thier own rules, instead of racing around like crazy trying to mark items off Lenny's list. After that night with the bikers, the trip took on a whole different vibe. I think that night all the women finally let themselves loosen up and have fun and I think all of them wanted to hold on to that feeling for as long as possible.

    Monique was my favorite in the beginning, but as the book has progressed, I realize how much I like each of the women. They all have their quirks, but that's what makes them who they are. This trip just wouldn't be the same if they all weren't experiencing it together.