Thursday, May 9, 2013

Today is a **GIVEAWAY** of Just Little Things by fellow blogger turned author and high school senior Nancy Vu who talks about blogging and her new book––"Hm… The process of publishing a book was completely new to me, but surprisingly I found it easier than I thought. The hardest part was probably choosing which “little things” to include in the book, since there are so many of them!"

Just Little Things

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Here are a few sample " Little Things"

Seeing a baby yawn
Drawing on a foggy window
Finding a curly fry mixed in with your regular fries
Nancy, welcome to my blog.

So from one blogger to another, tell us a little about how the book Just Little Things: A Celebration of Life’s Simple Pleasures came to be?
The book Just Little Things is based on my blog,, which I regularly update. When I created the blog, I wanted it to be a personal project that catalogues all of the things that makes me happy and also something that is able to open people’s eyes to all of the “little things” in life that we should all appreciate. I grew up living a pretty simple life, and as I’m growing older, I’ve been seeing the world—including my own life—change to be so fast-paced. I’ve seen that people around me are constantly busy, stressed, or feel the need to buy things in order to be satisfied with life. Just Little Things is my way to share a different perspective to others.

How long have you been blogging?
I’ve been running Just Little Things for over two years now. I’ve also kept my own personal blog for about four years before starting Just Little Things.

Are you still blogging?
Yes, I am! Right now I keep up with two blogs, Just Little Things, and a private photo blog.

What was the hardest part about writing the book?
Hm… The process of publishing a book was completely new to me, but surprisingly I found it easier than I thought. The hardest part was probably choosing which “little things” to include in the book, since there are so many of them! I also wanted that the book appeal to everyone—males and females, teens and adults—so I had to make sure most people could relate to each entry.

When you realized how popular your blog had become did it surprise you?
Oh my gosh, I was so surprised… I remember creating the blog and posting up the first few entries in one evening, and by the next morning, the follower count was in the thousands! It’s incredible how quickly things can spread with social media… I never would have thought my blog would grow as much as it has and that so many people would like it.

If your popularity as a blogger shocked you what did you think when you were approached about writing a book?
It was so surreal… It felt like a dream receiving a book offer from Perigee/Penguin. I had always wanted to publish a book of my own, but I never really thought it would ever happen, especially at seventeen years old!

Nancy, you’re a high school senior. So what’s next for you?
In June, I’ll be finally graduating from high school, and in the fall, I will be beginning my undergraduate studies at UCLA as a nursing major!

Has the blog and/or the book changed your plans for the future?
The book made me interested in publishing, and it really made me consider choosing a career in that area… And both the blog and book encouraged me that I do, indeed, have the capability to make a difference and affect people’s lives, even though I’m just one ordinary girl. I hope to do more of this in the future in different ways by doing more of these types of projects.

What does your family think about the blog/book?
Actually when I was just running the blog, my parents were a bit worried it was consuming too much of my time and thoughts, but in the most part they have been really proud and excited about everything. They are absolutely ecstatic about the book… sometimes I think my parents are more excited than I am!

Do you like all the attention you’re getting or is it all just a bit overwhelming?
The first year or so when I was running the blog, I was actually anonymous, and only a few people that I know in real life knew about it. With the book, this changed, and I’ve been getting much more attention. Sometimes it can get overwhelming, but it’s definitely a new and exciting experience.

Nancy, will you be attending any signings or events so fans can meet you in person?
I’m not sure yet, but I hope so!

Thank you for spending a little time with us today Nancy, good luck in your future and with the new book. You are such a positive inspiration and with young people like you the world’s in good hands.
That’s so kind of you to say! Thank you for having me!

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