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Author Interview-Debra Mullins-The Prodigal Son

I'm pleased to bring you award winning historical romance author Debra Mullins who is debuting her new Paranormal Romance series with Prodigal Son. I asked her about this new venture she told me –"I’ve always wanted to write paranormal as well as historicals. If you looked at my DVD shelf, you’d see tons of science fiction and paranormal TV series and movies. And I’ve always been fascinated by Atlantis."
See the rest of her answers below.

  • ISBN-13: 9780765336866
  • Publisher: Doherty, Tom Associates, LLC
  • Publication date: 10/1/2013
  • Series: Truthseers Series
  • Pages: 368

Prodigal Son—the new paranormal romance from acclaimed historical romance author Debra Mullins
Bounty hunter Rafe Montana is a Seer, descended from the fabled Atlanteans. He uses his inherited power to “see” criminals across the globe and track them down, and he’s just started on a new case.
“Debra Mullins opens up a whole new universe as she takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride into sexy adventure. The world isn't what you thought. You won't put it down.”
—Susan Squires, New York Times bestselling author on Prodigal Son
“Passion, intrigue, and heartfelt emotion—Debra Mullins delivers captivating romance!”
—Tessa Dare, New York Times bestselling author of A Week to Be Wicked

Debra HI! Welcome to The Reading Frenzy

Tell us about your debut to a new paranormal romance series Prodigal Son.
Cara McGaffigan is a software developer from New Jersey who has come to Las Vegas in search of her stepbrother Danny, who jumped bail after stealing a car from his boss.  Danny is all the family Cara has left, and she is constantly bailing him out of trouble. Bounty hunter Rafe Montana is also looking for Danny. Rafe is descended from a powerful Seer of Atlantis and has inherited abilities that allow him to find anyone, anywhere. But when it comes to Danny, Rafe can’t see anything. This is enough to make him take the case. Cara and Rafe eventually team up and hit the road to find Danny. What they don’t realize is that Danny didn’t just steal a car. He stole a powerful stone that comes from Atlantis itself—and there a people who want it back.

Debra you also write award winning historical romance.
Why dip your toes into this fantasy/paranormal genre?
I’ve always wanted to write paranormal as well as historicals. If you looked at my DVD shelf, you’d see tons of science fiction and paranormal TV series and movies. And I’ve always been fascinated by Atlantis.  The similarity between historical and paranormal is the world building. In both genres, I’m transporting you to a different reality, which requires similar skills.

You’re a long time author having been writing for over 20 years.
What is the biggest challenge for an established author?
To stay published. After fourteen books, it gets harder and harder to stay fresh and relevant. There are new, wonderful writers coming up every day, and it forces me to up my game.

How do you go about researching a paranormal novel?
The beauty of paranormal is that you can make stuff up. I researched Atlantis and found whatever I could about it. The thing is, other than what Plato wrote about Atlantis, there has yet to be any undeniable archaeological proof that the city actually existed. So I used Plato as my guide and then added my own imagination to create the world of Atlantis and the powers possessed by its citizens.

Debra you’ve received many awards for your novels.
Which one or more are still on your want list?
I was once nominated for the RITA from Romance Writers of America, but I did not win. I’d love to win one of those!

Go way back to your first release day.
How did it differ from this one?
My first release day was in January 1999 – the previous century! Technology was very different back then. We printed our manuscripts and mailed them via the post office, not by email. Digital publishing didn’t really exist yet. There was no Facebook or Twitter, and Amazon was in its infancy. There was barely email! I had to wait and hear from my publisher if the book was being well received. Today, I can just check out online forums and reviews by bloggers to get an idea if it’s doing well. Very often, if a blogger really liked the book, they will announce the review on Twitter and copy me. That’s a nice perk.

What’s next for you?
PRODIGAL SON is the first in a trilogy, and I just finished the second book, about Rafe’s brother Darius. I’ve also got some historical projects on the burner, so I’m not completely moving away from that.

Debra I’d like to dip into personal territory now.
Your website states that for your honeymoon you and your groom booked The Quiet Man (your favorite movie) Tour through the sites in Ireland where the movie was filmed.
What was your favorite sight?
There are so many beautiful places in County Mayo and County Galway, where the movie was filmed. My favorite places were Ashford Castle and the village of Cong. Both played huge parts in creating the village of Inisfree and still look remarkably the same as when the movie was filmed in 1952.

Where’s your favorite place to write?
I have an office at home with a door, which is where I do most of my writing. If things are too distracting at home, I will also set up camp in Starbucks for a couple of hours.

Debra, thanks so much for answering my questions.
Do you have events/signings listed for fans who’d love to meet you in person?
I just came back from the Seattle area, where I did a public booksigning at a writer’s conference. My next appearance right now will be in Tempe, AZ on April 5, 2014. I will be posting that info on my website.

Debra Mullins is the author of thirteen historical romances for Avon Books and one paranormal romance for Tor/Forge. Her books have been translated into several languages and nominated for awards from both the magazine RT Book Reviews and Romance Writers of America and its chapters, including the Golden Heart, the RITA, the Holt Medallion (twice), the Book Buyer’s Best Award, and the National Readers Choice Award. She also won the Golden Leaf Award for Best Historical for her book, A NECESSARY BRIDE.
Debra has spoken at various RWA chapter meetings, as well as the national RWA conference, the Liberty States Fiction Writers conference and the Emerald City Writers’ Conference in Seattle. In August 2009, she gave a full day special event for the Orange County chapter of Romance Writers of America with author Charlotte Carter, where she spoke on the topics of character and conflict.
Born and raised in the New York/New Jersey area, Debra now lives in California and has been actively writing for over twenty years. A language nerd, she could speak four languages by the time she graduated high school. At age 16, she went to France on a student exchange program for a summer. By the time she came home to the U.S., she was dreaming in French.
She is currently finishing a paranormal trilogy for Tor/Forge. The first book, PRODIGAL SON, is due out in October 2013. Debra is a member of Novelists Inc., Liberty States Fiction Writers, and several chapters of RWA. You can find her on Twitter using @debramullins and on the web at

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  1. I love the sound of Prodigal Son, anytime you have a hunter chasing down bad guys I am all in. Wonderful review, I will add this one to my list!