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Author Interview-Lori Foster-Getting Rowdy

Today's a special day on The Reading Frenzy, I get to interview an author idol of mine Lori Foster who's chatting today about her newest novel Getting Rowdy. When I asked about Rowdy here's what she had to say––"Oh Rowdy... Such a guy. I think he’s my new favorite hero ever. Without realizing it, Rowdy has been a hero a whole life. When he loves, he loves with everything he has. Until meeting Avery, that focus and caring had been reserved only for his younger sister. But Rowdy is one of those good guys who never turns his back on someone in need."
See what else she has to say below.

  • ISBN-13: 9780373777792
  • Publisher: Harlequin
  • Publication date: 9/24/2013
  • Series: Love Undercover Series , #3
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Pages: 448

Interview with Lori Foster 10-8

An alpha hero's attraction to the one woman he can't have could draw him into a killer's snare in the sizzling new novel from New York Times bestselling author Lori Foster.
Charismatic bar owner Rowdy Yates isn't the kind of man women say no to. So when he approaches waitress Avery Mullins, he fully expects to get her number. However, the elusive beauty has her reasons for keeping her distance—including a past that might come back to haunt them.
Publisher’s Weekly on Getting Rowdy
Foster’s writing satisfies all appetites with plenty of searing sexual tension and page-turning action in this steamy, edgy, and surprisingly tender novel. (Oct.)

"A red-hot page-turner." —#1 New York Times bestselling author Kresley Cole on When You Dare
"Bestseller Foster...has an amazing ability to capture a man's emotions and lust with sizzling sex scenes and meld it with a strong woman's point of view." -Publishers Weekly on A Perfect Storm
"A sexy, believable roller coaster of action and romance." -Kirkus Reviews on Run the Risk
"Foster rounds out her searing trilogy with a story that tilts toward the sizzling and sexy side of the genre." -RT Book Reviews on Savor the Danger
"The fast-paced thriller keeps these well-developed characters moving...Foster's series will continue to garner fans with this exciting installment." -Publishers Weekly on Trace of Fever
"Steamy, edgy, and taut." -Library Journal on When You Dare

Please welcome #1 New York Times bestselling author, fan favorite and a personal favorite author to The Reading Frenzy, Lori Foster.

Lori welcome, I’m pinching myself. Thank you for stopping by to answer some questions.
           Thank you for inviting me! I’m always thrilled to connect with happy readers – and if they’re bloggers too, all the better. ;-)

Tell everyone a bit about Getting Rowdy
            Oh Rowdy... Such a guy. I think he’s my new favorite hero ever. Without realizing it, Rowdy has been a hero a whole life. When he loves, he loves with everything he has. Until meeting Avery, that focus and caring had been reserved only for his younger sister. But Rowdy is one of those good guys who never turns his back on someone in need. He’s intrinsically honorable – although he goes by his own rules, which sometimes put him on the wrong side of the law.
            He’s also angry deep down inside, so whenever the opportunity comes along to “kick some butt,” you can count on Rowdy to be involved.

This is part of your Love Undercover series.
How do the books relate to each other?
            My husband asked me this once, and it was so confusing for the poor guy. I honestly think it’s easier to understand as you’re reading the books, but... here goes.
The first book is Logan and Pepper. Logan is a cop, Pepper is in hiding.
Logan and Reese are partners. Their lieutenant is Margaret Peterson.
Logan’s brother is Dash. Pepper’s brother is Rowdy. Rowdy buys a bar and makes Avery, a waitress, his bartender.
The second book is Reese and Alice. They’re neighbors.
The third book is Rowdy and Avery.
The fourth book is Dash and Margaret.
The overarching theme of the book is that everyone is in hiding for one reason or another. No one is being totally upfront, but of course they all have good intentions. Hope that makes sense!

Lori can you share with us your emotions/thoughts when you learned that you had sold your first novel?
             Exhaustion! I had worked so long and so hard to get that sale, that honestly, there was no explosion of joy, just overwhelming relief that made me want to sleep for a week. It had taken me over 10 complete books (submitted *everywhere*) over a 5 year span before I finally made that first sale.
            Things are very different now when compared to ’96, the release date of my first book. Back then, you physically mailed off a submission, waited up to a year or more to hear back, and if you were lucky, you were asked for revisions and waiting another year to hear if they liked what you did. It was grueling!
            But I’m a very motivated person, so the more I got rejected, the more determined I was to make that sale. And seriously, those first few books were *bad.* I taught myself to write by writing, so I don’t blame the publishers for turning me down. I’m just glad they saw something in my writing and kept asking for more to see.

Lori you’ve been published since 1996, congratulations.
What’s the biggest difference between the romance readers of today compared to then?
            Readers today have much better access to authors, and vice versa! I start my mornings by connecting with readers on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, my PushPage, and in general email. It’s fantastic! I share my morning coffee with my many cyber friends.
I still get tons of written mail (and yes, I reply to everyone, except prisoners) but it is sooooo much easier to reply to an email than it is for me to sit down and type up a letter that I have to mail.

On that same line what’s the biggest difference in romance novels today compared to then?
           I would say variety, for one thing. There are so many genres and subgenres.
And of course, eBooks! Readers can download a book and have it instantly. Digital publishing has opened the door to all those subgenres, making it easier for authors to write from the heart instead of writing to the market.
Unfortunately, that also makes it easier for books to be pirated. Every-single-day publishers are forced to address sites illegally selling or giving away books.

Your novels have been described as edgy, with sizzling sex scenes.
Hypothetically at what age would you allow your daughter to read your raciest novel?
          I firmly believe the most important influence on a child is conversation with a parent. My boys (3 sons) grew up on horror movies, yet they were never afraid. They knew it was pretend, meant to give a thrill like a roller coaster ride, and so it never bothered them. If they’d watched the movies without my husband and me talking to them, maybe it would have been different.
I think the same is true of sex. When they had questions, we answered honestly.
If a child is old enough to read and comprehend the words, then he/she is probably old enough to be discussing sex with his/her parent. My parenting style is no different than my books – I don’t write about underage kids being promiscuous or threesomes or random one-night stands. Yes, the characters have backgrounds but the focus is on the here and now, and the characters, while sexually active, are also mature and independent and falling in love. They’re careful (using protection) and considerate of each other, and overall they’re good people – the type of people I raised my sons to be.
I would think if a girl was reading my books, she’d learn that men are supposed to be considerate and caring, that women should always be respected, that sex is something each person should enjoy, that if you’re old enough to have sex you’re old enough to understand the consequences and therefore guard against unwanted pregnancy and disease, and that caring for someone makes intimacy so much better than just a random encounter.
And, hopefully, she’d learn that “happy ever after” does exist, but it’s not just an ethereal thing. It takes work, and understanding, and that both people have to want it.

Lori you are the recipient of numerous prestigious awards, among them The Romantic Times “Career Achievement Award” for
Series Romantic Fantasy
Contemporary Romance
Is there one that’s been really special to you?
            Being recognized with an award is always very satisfying. Trust me, I smile for days. But no award means as much to me as a really happy reader message. When a reader tells me that in some small way I impacted her life, that’s the sort of thing that sticks with me. For example, I’ve heard from readers who are in the hospital and read my books during recovery; I’ve heard from rape victims who say my heroes helped them to trust again; from frazzled moms who say reading my books are their “me time.”
            Just recently I heard from a reader who lost her mother. She had never read my books, but her mother had most of them and so, grieving for her loss, she picked up one of the books – and became hooked. She said it made her feel like she had an added connection to mother, like they were still together in some way. I cried, and smiled, and that’s the sort of thing that makes writing through the tough times so very rewarding!
Lori you seem to favor writing series/connected books.
            It’s not so much what I want, as what the characters want. They rule... everything. For instance, usually when I start a book, I only know about the main characters. I start with a scene and what happens after that is entirely up to the characters, how they react, what they say and what direction they take the story. If another character shows up, it’s often a surprise for me.
            When I was writing Run The Risk, I didn’t know that Rowdy would walk into a bar, or that he’d see Avery there, or that she would hit him like a ton of bricks. But that’s what happened. And so, of course, Rowdy and Avery got their own story.
            That seems to happen to me a lot. I rarely write a book where secondary characters don’t start demanding their own stories. And because I let the characters rule, I just go with it. If they want a book, and they tell me about it, I park in front of the computer and let them lead me. J So far that seems to work for me, and for readers.

Is there any particular thing that keeps the muse alive for you after so many releases?
A strong belief that life is good, love is awesome, and everyone should have that special significant other to enhance both. I’ve been very blessed in so many ways, and I really want everyone else to be just as happy as I am.

You’re a great champion in giving back.
Can you share with us a particular special moment or event?
            Well, referring back to being blessed... I know that I’ve worked really hard. I mean, 70+ hours a week hard. I put in a lot of effort to get the results I want. BUT... it’s all made easier by the fact of a terrific husband (the absolute best in the world) and three healthy sons, two healthy grandsons (with a third due very soon!) and my own health. Those are blessings that no one should ever take for granted. No one is guaranteed a tomorrow. No one is even guaranteed five minutes from now.
            So for those who are struggling –through no fault of their own – I like to help. That includes, of course, or raffle donations from the “Annual Reader and Author Get Together.” http://lorifoster.com/connect-with-lori-online/readerauthor-get-together/ For the 2013 event, we were able to raise $14,000 for the One Way Farm, a home for abused and abandoned children. Very, very rewarding for all involved!
             Something special that happened just recently involved a doggy. A very dear friend of mine (almost like a daughter, but that’s another story) came to visit and brought with her a doggy she was babysitting. The dog had jumped off a retaining wall and broke two legs. The owner couldn’t afford the surgery so he was going to put the dog down. A neighbor girl said she would take him instead and she was working hard to get together the money to pay for the dog’s surgeries.
            The dog didn’t appear to be in any pain. He wasn’t crying or anything. He just couldn’t walk – and that wrecked me.
            Now, you’d have to know what a big animal lover I am to understand. But of course I offered my help. And I’m pleased to say that the doggy is now up and running around and doing great.
            Overall, my efforts to help are geared toward children and animals.

Lori, thank you for taking the time to let us get to know you a bit better.
Will there be any signings/events for this novel?
            Probably no signings. Unfortunately, at the onset of summer, I broke my elbow and (it’s a long story) had to have two surgeries, including two screws, to repair it. I also tore my rotator cuff and will need a surgery on that. So I’m immeasurably behind on *everything.* Missing one deadline has a domino effect. You miss one, and it makes you super late on the next, and the next... So I’m still scrambling to try to catch up – and putting off the shoulder surgery until I do – so I have very little free time right now.
            But that said, there will be plenty of fun online things going on to help celebrate the release of the book. I hope readers will keep checking my website for an amazing video trailer. www.LoriFoster.com And I know Hqn has some unique stuff planned that I’m looking forward to.
            By the way, any reader who has a specific question for me, my PushPage is a great way to ask – and then the answer can be shared with everyone! To ask me a question, just go to: http://www.pushpage.me/ask/lorilfoster  (since you don’t have a link to my PushPage below. :)
            Thank you for everything! And to all my readers... Happy reading!

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  1. Amazing interview and I am loving every bit of this series. Rowdy Yates is my new book boyfriend at the moment..yum, It was so worth the wait for his story!

    1. Thanks Kim, I loved your review too. It's so nice to finally get to that one character's story that an author has built up over time.

  2. Woot! That was such a good read. It's crazy how many books Lori's written and man they are all so good! I can't wait for Cannon and Dash's books.

  3. HI Anna, I LOVE Lori's works
    thanks for the comment