Monday, October 28, 2013

Thank You Jon Clinch

Please use this post to thank Jon Clinch for his gracious presence
during our read of his most amazing novel
The Thief of Auschwitz 

Jon I'm especially indebted to you for your guidance through some of the minefields of the novel. For bringing such a beautiful piece of work on on of the most ugly circumstances the world has ever known

and to all my readers those who actively participated and silently so
thank you too!


  1. Thanks Jon for being with us this month. I loved your book. It really came alive for me and I will be recommending it to everyone I know.


  2. Thank you, Jon, for your book and for your participation. I know I was always a little bit behind the schedule, but I've finished it and am so glad that I read it. Deb has a way of choosing books that I might not have encountered or picked up on my own, and I'm grateful for that. I'll be looking for more from you!

  3. Jon, if you're still 'with' us, I'd like to know why there was such a focus on Andrew Wyeth and his Helga paintings. Is it just the initial secrecy of those paintings, and the enforced secrecy of the painting of Lydia? Or do those paintings have a deeper meaning for you and/or for the story? I feel like Max always refers to him in a sort of derogatory way, as 'Uncle Andy' - or should we believe there is an actual relationship there? Sorry for the late question, but it's something that's been of interest to me throughout.
    Thanks again, Elaine

  4. Hi, Elaine -- I've been traveling, and will answer fully tomorrow. Thanks!

  5. Sorry for the delay, Elaine. The Wyeth thing expanded for me as the book went on. It began with Max's understandable hatred for Germans, opened up into his disdain for what he perceives as easy or cheap art, and finally expanded into an expression of his hatred for the thing about Wyeth that disturbs him above all other things: personal faithlessness. Because Max is faithful -- to those he loves -- above all else. Hope that makes sense...

  6. Yes, thank you for the answer! And I apologize for my late reading of your response. I appreciate the insight into Max; I had a feeling that the explanation had to lie in Max's feelings, but I couldn't put my finger on exactly what that was. Thank you again for your wonderful book, and your participation in our group!