Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Will it be RED OCTOBER  or Is it the year to FEAR THE BEARD!!!

I'm a rabid  fan and for my friend

Lisa Verge Higgins it's  all the way.

So we were chatting 


And we thought why not turn our fantastic fanaticism into something Great
Where our fans can show their team spirit and enter for some awesome prizes.
To make it a little more interesting we've decided that the loser will donate to the winner's charity of choice.
So if the Cardinals win the World Series (which they will) Lisa will make a donation to Cardinals Care
And if the Boston Red Sox Win I'll make a donation to
The Jimmy Fund
And we encourage our followers and our friends to donate to either organization
or the Charity of your choice

Well my friend Lisa is an author, and I'm just a lowly blogger so I got busy and chatted up some wonderfully talented and amazing local author friends and asked them to help.

Angie Fox  said yes I'll help. 

And Shawntelle Madison said yes I'll help.

And Jeannie Lin  said of course.
So they each donated an autographed copy of one of their fabulous novels.

And it's the fans who are the big winners!!
The Fan-tasitc prize packages are listed below
US Entrants ONLY

My prize package includes:
1) $20 B&N gift card
1) Vintage 1990s baseball signed by the Cardinals still in it’s original packaging from the Cardinals gift shop. Donated by my daughter from her personal memorablilia collection.
 Thank You Erin!!
1) Anheuser Busch collectible 6pak mini steins
1 each autographed copies of Coveted, My Big Fat Demon Slayer Wedding, The Lotus Palace.
Thanks to my wonderful ST. Louis author friends. Thanks Ladies!!!


a Rafflecopter giveaway 

Lisa is giving away:
1)stuffed Red Sox character
1) Red Sox T-shirt
1) Fake Beard
1)$20.00 B&N gift Card
1 each autographed copies of The Proper Care and Maintenance of Friendship, Friendship Makes The Heart Grow Fonder, One Good Friend Deserves Another.


Follow this link to Lisa's Rafflecopter entry form

Please note some prizes may vary depending on availability.

To Enter simply use the Rafflecopter form provided above or follow the link to Lisa's website where her entry form lives. Spread the love and share the news and tell all of your friends to enter too.

Oh and don't forget



Oh and GO CARDS!!!
he he he ;)





  1. Oh who to root for. The choices one must make. Lol. A bit of friendly rivalry is a l ways good.

    1. Muse, thanks for the comment and yes it is a friendly wager :)
      Go Cards!!!

  2. I love this! You both are too funny. Go Cards!

    1. Hi Angie, thanks for your wonderful contribution too :)
      Go CARDS!!!
      Wacha Wacha Wacha :)

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Nicole thanks for the comment
      Good Luck
      Go Cards!!! hehehe

  4. Since I am a Dodgers fan, I do not have any favorite SL player. Sorry. LOL.

    1. Well that's okay Pat we'll just pick one for you he ;)

  5. Well, I'm late since I was following from my ipad and couldn't post a comment. Congrats to Red Sox and Good Game Cards!