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Macmillan audio review of Mr. Dickens and his Carol by Samantha Silva Narrated by Euan Morton

I don't usually post on Saturday and I'm right in the middle of a holiday bash but I just had to get in this one Christmas audio review in time for gift giving because this is the perfect gift or stocking stuffer for those who love the Christmas Season and who love the extra something an audio book gives to listeners. Wether you listen to this while commuting or play it out loud for the whole family to hear it's the perfect way to celebrate the holiday.
This is this author's debut novel and the narrator Euan Morton is taking a sabbatical from narrating while he plays King George on Broadway in Hamilton.

Yeah I know you're interested now

Mr. Dickens and His Carol: A Novel
By Samantha Silva
Macmillan Audio
Narrated By Euan Morton
Length: 8 hrs and 8 mins
Release Date: 10-31-17
Buy it: Amazon/B&N


A charming, comic, and ultimately poignant story about the creation of the most famous Christmas tale ever written. It’s as foggy and haunted and redemptive as the original; it’s all heart, and I read it in a couple of ebullient, Christmassy gulps.” —Anthony Doerr, #1 New York Times bestselling author of All The Light We Cannot See
Laced with humor, rich historical detail from Charles Dickens’ life, and clever winks to his work, Samantha Silva's Mr. Dickens and His Carol is an irresistible new take on a cherished classic.
Charles Dickens is not feeling the Christmas spirit. His newest book is an utter flop, the critics have turned against him, relatives near and far hound him for money. While his wife plans a lavish holiday party for their ever-expanding family and circle of friends, Dickens has visions of the poor house. But when his publishers try to blackmail him into writing a Christmas book to save them all from financial ruin, he refuses. And a serious bout of writer’s block sets in.
Frazzled and filled with self-doubt, Dickens seeks solace in his great palace of thinking, the city of London itself. On one of his long night walks, in a once-beloved square, he meets the mysterious Eleanor Lovejoy, who might be just the muse he needs. As Dickens’ deadlines close in, Eleanor propels him on a Scrooge-like journey that tests everything he believes about generosity, friendship, ambition, and love. The story he writes will change Christmas forever.

Listen to a sample courtesy Macmillan audio

My Review
Mr. Dickens and His Carol
Samantha Silva
Macmillan Audio edition-Narrated by Euan Morton

Silva takes readers back in time on a delightful intimate journey through Victorian London side by side with one of the most beloved authors of all time as he creates perhaps one of the best loved Christmas stories ever told. She uses a narrative both dark and light matching the times to tell how it might have all happened with characters that are likable and believable and while readers will a time or two want to hit our star upside his head they will also have a hard time putting the story down. It’s touching and heartbreaking and it’s the perfect way to bring in this season of hope, joy and magic.
The voice of Euan Morton gives the perfect Victorian touch and his vocal performance of all characters men, women and children plus his accents from high brow to cockney are flawless giving listeners a deeper appreciation of the story and making it hard to hit that stop button. And what did he do for an encore? He now graces the Broadway stage as King George in Hamilton!
Charles Dickens usually loves Christmas, he’s the first one to support the many holiday charities and can’t wait to take his children shopping and celebrate the season with his annual Christmas party and this year he’s got even more to be thankful for with the imminent birth of his sixth child. But instead of being merry he’s worrying about his latest serial novel not selling and his publishers request that he write a new Christmas book for immediate publication in time for Christmas. Worse he’s finding that his usual talent for putting words on a page have deserted him and it’s anyone’s guess how he’s going to manage to complete this seemingly impossible task which has left him a grumpy mess.

About the author:
Samantha Silva is a writer and screenwriter based in Idaho. Mr. Dickens and His Carol is her debut novel.
Samantha's Website

About the Narrator:
Euan Douglas George Morton is a Scottish actor and singer. He is known for his role as Boy George in the musical Taboo, receiving nominations for the Laurence Olivier Award and Tony Award for his performance. And currently playing King George in Hamilton.
Euan's Website


  1. Well that sounds really interesting and sounds like a story I might like.

    1. It was a really good story Mary it even included some of his contemporary authors of the time

  2. He certainly has a great voice to make this a wonderful listen.

  3. I love his voice! Was this book turned into a movie? I swore I saw a trailer about Dickens coming out.

    1. I didn't see that Odette but I did some research and I think it's called The Man Who Invented Christmas
      I found this on YouTube

  4. Oh yes! This sounds fantastic. I know it's cliche, but this is my favorite Dicken's story so I'm glad to see its highlighted with his life story.