Friday, May 18, 2018

The End of an Era and a Bittersweet Goodbye to RT Book Reviews

In 1981 Kathryn Falk began Romantic Times as a newsletter and the first publication was distributed to 3000 subscribers. In 2004 it had 150,000 subscribers and had gained the reputation of being the Premier Romance genre magazine.

In 1982 the first Romantic Times Convention was held and the very last one just ended in Reno.

The writing has been on the wall for some time, reviewing editorially is not what it once was and since the invention of the internet and the Amazon conglomerate readers now have access to reviews on any title 24/7 and they are sometimes more likely to believe their compatriots on Goodreads rather then some faceless reviewer.

I began reviewing for RT in 2010 and sent in my last review for the June 2018 digital edition.
In the beginning I would review one or two titles per month but as I got more comfortable reviewing and RT seemed to like what I had to say I took on more and more reviews. There was a time during my RT heyday that I would review on average 16 books/ month including both the Presents and the Special Edition Harlequin lines and on several months reviewed 20 + books. I know CRAZY, right.

Then in late 2016 they went from print to digital and dropped the HQN series reviews, I kept losing editors and the price schedule for reviewers changed. So like I said writing on the wall.

I have enjoyed my time reviewing for RT immensely I value the many working relationships and friendships that started there from my editors to the many, many, many authors I’ve come to know and love and who I will continue to read, review and spread the word about.

They say when a window closes a door will open and I know this is true for me as I am starting a new and hopefully fruitful review gig and hopefully the other RT reviewers will find other niches as well.
It is however a very sad day for readers and the publishing world who are losing a partner who honestly reviewed hundreds books every month a voice that will now be forever silenced.

The site will stay active for a year and then it will go dark.

For a Letter From Kathryn Falk to her readers click HERE

It’s hard to say goodbye to something that’s been such an integral and happy part of my life for so long but change is inevitable and we must all accept it.

Kudos and good luck to Kathryn Falk who remained at the helm of this incredible company from beginning to end and good luck also to my editor(s) and other contacts at RT. It’s been a pleasure and I will miss you all!


  1. It is hard to say goodbye to something that helped shape you in a way but it sounds like it had a good run and you meet lots of great people along the way!

  2. I do not really know anything about RT but I can still be sad

  3. I was saddened by this news. I enjoyed reviewing for them.

  4. I heard about this the other day. Very sad news.

  5. I will miss it. I read it every month after wasting money on books I really didn't like. I thought the reviews were spot on. I will really miss it.

  6. I was wondering after I got her letter with my last issue. I knew you and a few others reviewed for them. It is sad even for me who didn't have as strong ties as you did.

  7. I haven't seen much of RT but, reading her goodbye letter was still sad. Change is so hard at times :(

    Megan - Ginger Mom and the Kindle Quest

  8. Ohhh this is sad news Debbie!