Monday, December 23, 2019

#GIVEAWAY A Timeless Christmas Anthology

Today I'm happy to be hosting this sweet Christmas Anthology written by nine authors including my very dear friend Stacy Connelly. The authors are also offering a Giveaway details below!

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Merry Christmas!

Publisher: Bella Media Management

Release Date: 11-1-2019

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by Pamela Tracy (Author), Libby Banks (Author), Patricia Forsythe (Author), Roz Denny Fox (Author), LeAnne Bristow (Author), Stacy Connelly (Author), Cheryl Wyatt (Author), Cathy McDavid (Author), Amanda Renee (Author)


When two time capsules are opened during the high school’s hundred-year anniversary, the contents set the peaceful town of Century, Arizona on its ear. Mysteries will be solved, secrets revealed, lost treasures restored, families reunited, and hearts will find each other in this collection of sweet romance novellas featuring multiple NY TIMES, USA TODAY, and AMAZON bestselling authors.

THE MAGIC OF MISTLETOE BY CATHY MCDAVID- New-in-town Sienna meets semi-recluse Mitch when his runaway horse appears one morning at her gate. Neither of them is looking for love, but the magic of Christmas and one little kiss beneath a mistletoe changes everything.
Cathy's Website-

A CHRISTMAS PROPOSAL BY PAMELA TRACY- Returning to small-town Century, Arizona, her acting career put on hold, Kelly Bannister gets caught up in a feud between her grandmother and the grandmother of the man who just might be Beast to her Beauty. 

Pamela's Website-

COMING HOME FOR CHRISTMAS BY LIBBY BANKS- Star-crossed high school sweethearts Michael and Roxanne were separated by their families years ago. Now they’ve met again in Century, but can their rekindled romance survive a brand new set of obstacles?

Libby's Amazon page-

A CHRISTMAS PROMISE BY LEANNE BRISTOW- She wants a life in Century. He wants to fulfill an obligation and leave. Can a twenty-five year old promise and a family secret bring them together...or will it rip them apart?

Leanne's Website-

THE GIFT OF CHRISTMAS PAST BY STACY CONNELLY- Detective Alex Newcomb swore he'd never return to Century…not in one hundred years. Can Kyla Morgan, her young niece, and a gift of Christmas past convince him there's no place like home for the holidays?

Stacy's Website-

A CHRISTMAS GEM BY ROZ DENNY FOX- Two strangers, a will, a deed, and joint ownership of an old copper mine. He wants it to stay closed, she wants to look for world-class turquoise. Can they both win?

Roz's Amazon page-

SECOND TIME'S A CHRISTMAS CHARM BY PATRICIA FORSYTHE- Jake McCarran and Gwen DeLeon have history – the broken-hearted kind, but when she comes to help him out with two young cousins now in his care, there may be a chance that history won't repeat itself.

Patricia's Amazon's Page-

ONCE UPON A CHRISTMAS BY AMANDA RENEE- Country sensation Willow Hart is determined to find a half-century old Christmas gift needed to save her career, but finding it threatens to destroy the family of veterinarian Linc Jessup—the man she left at the altar…twice.

Amanda's Website-

THE TWELVE DOGS OF CHRISTMAS CHERYL WYATT- A dog rescue turned matchmaking effort falters an EMT's plans never to date single dads again when a firefighter's teen deems her the perfect person to pull her daddy's shredded soul out of yesterday's flames.

Cheryl's Website-

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  1. Thanks again to Debbie for posting this right before the holidays... which is perfect for this Christmas Novella collection!

  2. Great blog, Debbie! Thanks for having us.

  3. Thank you so much, Debbie, for hosting us. I'm thrilled to be part of this novella collection with some truly awesome authors.

  4. Thanks so much for posting this on your great blog. The novella was fun to write and the group so nice to work with.

  5. Those sounds like they would be great stories.

  6. Sweet, this is so cool. I like anthologies. Nice blog too. Happy holidays from Canada, I can accept ebooks as I use US acounts too.

  7. I'm not familiar with any of these authors, but I've found that anthologies are a great way to find my next favorite author. Have a great holiday.

    Melanie @ Hot Listens & Books of My Heart