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#GIVEAWAY Hate's Recompense Interview with author Joseph Gibson

I love speculative fiction especially novels that are either close to be or possible to make it a reality. One such novel is Hate's Recompense. And who knows maybe if an Artificial Inteligence was in charge of the world it may have been able to minimize what's happening in the world right now. Read all about it then enter to win a copy for yourself. Details below.

Publisher: Joseph H. Gibson

Release Date: 11-30-2019

Athena #1


A true conflict of ideologies spawns a newcivil war in the United States and the nation's salvation lies in the hands oftechnology. President Ronald Kahn facesa stiff reelection and moves to usurp the democratic process by executing cyberand bioterrorism attacks on his own country in order to stay in power. BlamingIran for the attacks, Kahn declares a State of Emergency and fabricates asecond more lethal bio attack by Iran which he himself plans to execute withthe help of an Artificial Intelligent Agent called, Athena.
HenryLittle Hawk and Aleja Trujillo, resistance leaders fighting for the people,learn the terrifying details about Kahn's plans--and millions of American livesare at stake. They organize an uprising to arrest Kahn, but their efforts turnto war with Kahn's followers. As the Resistanceloses the battle to a much larger and better armed counter-force, their onlyhope of defeating Kahn is to free the original creators of Athena from Kahn'scaptivity and give them full reign to reprogram their brainchild to end Kahn'sdeadly politics. But is the country ready to relinquish control to a machine?

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My Interview with Joseph Gibson:

Joseph welcome to The Reading Frenzy. Your new book sounds fascinating.
Tell my readers a bit about it please.
The book is a techno-political thriller about a conflict of ideologies that spawns a new civil war in the United States.  The premise of the book revolves around an incumbent president who usurps the democratic process by executing cyber and bioterrorism attacks on his own country. Blaming Iran for the violence, the president declares a State of Emergency and fabricates a second more lethal attack by Iran which he himself plans to execute through a revolutionary new technology named, Athena, which will give him the power to decide who lives and dies in the new world order he is driven to create.
Henry Little Hawk and Aleja Trujillo, resistance leaders fighting for the people, learn the terrifying details about the president’s plans—and millions of American lives are at stake. They race against the clock to reprogram Athena to give her full reign to end the president’s deadly politics.
The blurb sounds a little futuristic.
When is the novel set? 
This novel is set right now.  I have been extremely concerned about the future of our country as our political divide continues to escalate. I wanted to show in my book what could happen if we don't curb this hatred and provide a solution for the future that leads to peace and prosperity for all. I am a firm believer that technology can provide us the path to fairness in our distribution of resources and can also provide a way to make all of us accountable for our actions, both bad and good. The main character of my book, Athena, is a benevolent, Artificial Intelligence-based overseer which operates under the objective of maintaining the greater good. 
In another interview you said you wrote the book because you were concerned about the current political divide in our country.
Kahn sounds pretty power hungry.
Is he based on any real person? 
Some of my readers have pointed out similarities between Ronald Kahn and Donald Trump, however, any similarities are purely coincidental. 
Also your main character Athena sounds a little like big brother or I guess in this case big sister.
Do you think this benevolent artificial intelligence being is possible?
Yes, absolutely.  What held us back in the past was limited computer power.  We now have almost unlimited capacity to store and process information.  Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the foundations of most modern information systems.  The technology is here today and there are several companies that could build Athena. The problem is the social acceptance of a single, ubiquitous, closed-loop network. Athena would need to be installed on every phone, laptop, tablet, etc. and all of them would have to run under a common technical architecture. Many will consider her to be an invasion of their privacy, but I would argue that she is the only means we can maintain our true identities in a time of misinformation and deception. With Athena, we would be able to record and be accountable for all our actions, hopefully motivating each of us to be fosters of the greater good and be rewarded or punished for what we contribute. She also provides a way for us to have true participative government where all the people can provide their input on laws, priorities, and values. Most importantly, she can ensure fair digital elections which would be completely tamper proof.
If so how close are we to creating something like her or have we already?
Part of my vision for this book is to set the groundwork for building Athena.  I would like my son, William, who is depicted as Jenks Kennard in the book, to build Athena.  My plan is to have William contact Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos as his first steps for building the Athena Consortium.  There are many more tech leaders who may be interested, but I believe that either Mr. Gates or Mr. Bezos, or ideally both together, could orchestrate this huge initiative.  William also has strong ties with Cornell which can help lead the academic community around this initiative. But for all of this to work we must have government backing and my plan is to see Athena as a part of the Democratic Platform for 2020.  Further, now that we are in the era of pandemics, we can use Athena for real time testing of our population to identify vital bio metrics such as temperature and heart rate.  We could easily identify clusters of the outbreaks and track the social interactions of each of the infections.  More importantly, we need a national/global management of resources.  This is frankly too complicated for manual intervention.  We need to use predictive analysis and modeling to see where and when the next pandemic will hit and how we prepare for it.    
Do you think if this was a reality it would work in our society?
In my book I say that we will only resort to Athena when we have exhausted all other approaches and we are left with either her or extinction.  Mankind unfortunately, is not able to govern itself at this time and we must let our machines do it for us.  In my last two books of my series, Athena discovers God and begins the renaissance that will lead mankind to the future where we can manage ourselves.  Thank God for our gifts of self-awareness and conscience that allow us to recognize our weaknesses and act accordingly to overcome the greed, fear, and hatred that drives most of the world today. 
This is book 1 in the series.
Do you have a planned number of novels?
Yes, there are three additional novels planned. 
Book Two of the Series is called, Hate's Resurrection, in which I show what it would be like to live under Athena, day to day. There will be many people who are against her, even after her salvation of the country in Book One. Climate change creates hostile competition for food and water, and Athena's recommendations for resource distribution require far too much loss of wealth and power for those who hold most of the resources. As they mount a war to bring her down, the world spirals into a very dark period, where Man's only means of survival is to feed off himself.

Joseph thanks for answering my questions, good luck with the new book and the upcoming series.

About the author:
Joseph Gibson has worked for over twenty-five years in emerging technologies and has led the implementations of some of the world's largest Search and Knowledge Management systems.
He incorporates his extensive technical background into his fiction, making his writing current and feasible.

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