Friday, May 8, 2020

Macmillan Audio review of The Lincoln Conspiracy by Brad Meltzer with John Mensch Narrated by Scott Brick

I was so excited when Macmillan Audio offered me an advanced audio copy of a biography about a plot to kill Abraham Lincoln before he took office that I never heard about written by fave thriller author Brad Meltzer and narrated by Scott Brick and I'm so happy to share my review with all of you

Publisher: Macmillan Audio

Release Date: 05-05-2020

 10 hrs: 43mins
 Publisher for Review
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"[Narrator Scott Brick]...makes the pages come alive. He varies his volume during dramatic moments, at times almost whispering. He also varies his tone, enhancing the drama but never overpowering it...This work is an excellent example of the perfect melding of text and narrator." — AudioFile Magazine on The First Conspiracy, Earphones Award Winner

The bestselling authors of The First Conspiracy, which covers the secret plot against George Washington, now turn their attention to a little-known, but true story about a failed assassination attempt on President Lincoln

Everyone knows the story of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination in 1865, but few are aware of the original conspiracy to kill him four years earlier in 1861, literally on his way to Washington, D.C., for his first inauguration. The conspirators were part of a pro-Southern secret society that didn’t want an antislavery President in the White House. They planned an elaborate scheme to assassinate the brand new President in Baltimore as Lincoln’s inauguration train passed through en route to the Capitol. The plot was investigated by famed detective Allan Pinkerton, who infiltrated the group with undercover agents, including one of the first female private detectives in America. Had the assassination succeeded, there would have been no Lincoln Presidency, and the course of the Civil War and American history would have forever been altered.

Listen to a sample:

My Review:

The Lincoln Conspiracy
Brad Meltzer & John Mensch
Narrated by Scott Brick

In 1861 a few days before his inauguration as the 16th President, Abraham Lincoln escaped a bold assignation attempt by pro Southern white supremacists that wanted to stop the “Abolitionist Black President” from taking office. 
We all know what cemented President Lincoln’s place in history, his Presidency during the Civil War, his views on slavery and his assassination by Southern sympathizer John Wilkes Booth in April of 1865 but what often gets lost in history is the 1861 Baltimore plot against his life and how it was stopped because of an odd series of events that Brad Meltzer brings to life in The Lincoln Conspiracy. The book shifts between 1856 and 1861 where the author goes into detail not only about the facts leading up to the attempted assassination but also the reasons behind Lincoln’s rise to fame and eventual election as President. He also brings to the reader’s attention the many individuals who helped investigate and stop the assassination attempt, like Lincoln’s inner circle and names like Chicagoan, Alan Pinkerton, America’s first private eye, his detective Kate Warne, America’s first female detective and other Pinkerton employees working undercover finding details about the plot. The audience also gets a close look at how devoted Lincoln and his family were to each other, the workings of Washington and State politics and the fledgling Republican Party. And if readers think today’s politicians are brutal they should have been witness to the actual beatings that often took place on the floor of the House and Senate. What makes this book exceptional is not only how he brilliantly and factually tells his story but also the way he invests his readers in the tale not only by adding hard facts but also some interesting human-interest facts one of which is why Lincoln grew a beard. This is definitely a book that even fiction lovers will find hard to put down, the perfect read for historical lovers and those who love Civil War and Lincoln non-fiction.
The narration by Scott Brick is the perfect way to enjoy this book, his clear calm voice is easy to understand and he puts just the right emotional emphasis in just the right places.

About the author(s)BRAD MELTZER is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Escape Artist, The Inner Circle, and ten other bestselling thrillers, as well as the Ordinary People Change the World series. He is also the host of the History Channel TV shows Brad Meltzer’s Decoded and Brad Meltzer’s Lost History, which he used to help find the missing 9/11 flag that the firefighters raised at Ground Zero.

JOSH MENSCH is a New York Times bestselling author and documentary television producer with a focus on American history and culture. He is coauthor with Brad Meltzer of The First Conspiracy: the Secret Plot to Kill George Washington. For television he has written, directed, and been a showrunner on nonfiction series for PBS, the History Channel, National Geographic, and many other networks. He lives in Brooklyn, NY with his wife and children.
About the narrator:
Scott Brick
(bornJanuary 30, 1966 in Santa Barbara, California) is an American actor, writer and award-winning narrator of over 800 audiobooks, including popular titles such as Washington: A Life, Moneyball, Cloud Atlas, A Princess of Mars, The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy, The Bourne Ultimatum, Atlas Shrugged


  1. That sounds like an interesting look into that time.

  2. How interesting. Even reading your review I am learning a little about Lincoln. I like the fact he was an abolitionist.

    1. Yes Kathryn he was always adamantly against slavery

  3. I absolutely adore this brilliant author, and read everything he writes. I wouldn't listen to the audio, but I'm excited to read this one for sure. Hope you're doing well! Hugs, RO

    1. I hope you get it RO. We're doing well hugs back stay safe xo

  4. Oh Debbie, I would enjoy this. I've read a few books on Lincoln, his life, presidency and the assassination.
    I am adding the audio to my wishlist :)

    1. Then you would love it, especially being a fiction lover because it's not boring at all.

  5. I love reading stories based on historical fact, and this story sounds fantastic. I'm glad to hear that the narrator did such a good job as well. This audio is going on my TBR, because I need to read a biography for my bucket list reading challenge, and have been looking for a good one. Thanks for putting this on my radar Debbie :)

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape