Thursday, May 7, 2020

#Giveaway Viebury Grove Interview with author Shannon Kirk

Today on the blog I'm showcasing Viebury Grove Shannon Kirk's exciting sequel to her riveting debut thriller Method 15/33 and I also had the pleasure of interviewing Shannon about it. Plus Shannon has graciously offered one lucky reader a copy of Viebury Grove, complete deets below!

Publisher: Suspense Publishing

Release Date: 5-5-2020

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Recent headlines focusing on the famous and infamous--CEO's, royalty, politicians--being accused of taking part in decades' long human trafficking, lend to this novel's fictionalized focus on a small, but powerful, global human trafficking cabal referred to as The Center Ring, which sells "sexual experiences."

It is the Center Ring that Lisa Yyland has been planning to take down for eighteen years; planning every day since her release from confinement, as she discovered the group was, indeed, connected to her kidnapping at age sixteen. What does eighteen years of planning and collecting assets to catch these horrific people in the act look like? Will her plan work? Will she get revenge? Law enforcements' good intentions, due process, and procedures seem to fail when put up against the powerful elite in these age-old sick enterprises. Does Lisa's brand of vigilante justice stand a better chance?

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My Interview with Shannon:

Shannon thanks for visiting The Reading Frenzy again. Your new novel, Viebury Grove is getting a lot of nice press. Congrats!Tell my readers a bit about it please.
Thanks for having me! Viebury Grove is the sequel to Method 15/33. Without giving away any spoilers from Book 1, in Viebury Grove, the main protagonist returns, having spent eighteen years building an intricate plan to exact even more revenge on the people behind her kidnapping at age sixteen and behind a larger worldwide human trafficking cabal.

Speaking of reviews do you read them all, read none or somewhere in the middle?
I have learned to read only five star reviews that are sent to me or on which I am tagged. Early on, I read all reviews, and have since learned that my brain hears only negative content—which cobbles my ability to drive forward on new projects. So, I simply read only the five star reviews. Reviews are for readers anyway. And I write not for any specific audience or to please any specific critique. I truly write whatever it is that speaks to me in whatever way I am able to. That sometimes speaks to some people, it sometimes doesn’t.

A little bird told me that your new book, Viebury Cove is a follow up to your debut novel Method 15/33.True?
Yes, true!

How is Viebury Grove like Method 15/33 and how is it different?
Viebury Grove is similar to Method 15/33 in the sense that the main protagonist and supporting characters are the same, the main protagonist still has the rare ability to control emotions, and the main plot device is the same: she spends the novel acquiring assets to get revenge on bad guys. It is different in that Method 15/33 imagined our protagonist confined in one room and thus limited in the “assets” she could acquire to escape and exact revenge, over a limited period of time (about one month). Whereas, Viebury Grove takes the exact opposite approach, and imagines our protagonist building a plan over 18 years, with unlimited options for assets, and from the whole world. The other distinction is that because the main protagonist is an adult now, the violence and themes are more adult and graphic.

Do you know how many novels you plan in the series?
I would like to do one more in the series. I imagine the title to be VELADA, in which the main protagonist faces off with her nemesis, a woman who could be deemed her counter-ego. 

You’re usual fare are thrillers like Method 15/33, Gretchen and In the Vines but you’ve also written a fictional gem, The Extraordinary Journey of Vivienne Marshall.What determines what kind of book you write?
I suppose my mood at any given time determines what I write. It’s certainly not some overriding contract. I simply can’t write what’s not in my heart, what’s not driving some obsessive need in me. Sometimes I sit down and write poems. Sometimes a horror scene in some novel that’s not even outlined. Sometimes a whole novel slams me in the head and I must sit down and write the whole thing. Which is exactly what happened with GRETCHEN, and exactly what’s happening to me right now with a thriller I’m working on, working title HADAR.

So your bio says you’re still practicing law and in your free time you create sea glass sculptures and paint. (you have spare time?)What’s your daily schedule look like?
Well, right now, like everyone else, my daily schedule is just one unending series of foggy daydream-like moments. What with this pandemic. Ideally, on a good day, and truly I have to force this discipline on myself anymore (this time in history is so strange), my day is as follows:
About 6:30-9:00=Reading/Writing
About 9:00-?=Law
Somewhere within there I try to do a walk and exercise. I also now need to fit in cooking, whereas before, I relied heavily on the firm vending machine or cafeteria. I also used to get a lot of reading/writing in during my commute to and from the office, and also on planes, since I used to travel a lot for work. But now, everything is just one timeless blur, and I need to remap my days.

I know fans (me) would love to meet you in person but with the Covid-19 pandemic that’s probably not possible. My husband and I have been at home since March 17th.How has the virus impacted your life?
Please see above answer. It has impacted me GREATLY. It is difficult to concentrate. Creativity comes in wild bursts, sometimes gushing, other times, hard to tap, what with the difficulty to concentrate. I spent twenty years honing my ability to balance a hectic work/travel schedule with writing and being a mom; I created a, I can see now, mad, elaborate multi-tasking scheme. Now that I’m home full time, and the work schedule more controlled and my world so much more limited, I have to deconstruct that mad balancing act and rebuild. I don’t know if that makes any sense. I guess another analogy I’d try is this…I feel like a scuba diver who came up from the depths too fast and am floundering about with the bends in a decompression chamber.
Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my questions. Good luck with the new novel!
Thank you!!

About the author:

Shannon Kirk is a practicing attorney and former law professor in Massachusetts, where she lives with her husband, a physicist and ultra-marathoner, and son, a cat-loving, basketball-player. Shannon is a multiple-award winning author of Method 15/33, which is optioned for film and an international best seller, Viebury Grove, Gretchen, In the Vines, and The Extraordinary Journey of Vivienne Marshall.

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