Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Review of Death Echo

Death Echo
Elizabeth Lowell
William Morrow
392 pages

Imagine yourself ex-CIA trying to live a simple life and forget about “the company”. Imagine yourself ex-CIA working for a civilian organization that seems to exist on ex company operatives. Imagine these two ex-company employees tangled in a web made by “the company” and now they have to not only clean it up, but survive doing it.
Ms. Lowell brings us another one of her beloved St. Kilda’s contracting novels, full of espionage, intrigue, stealth and deception and you have the perfect plot for her newest novel, a plot as old as cold war stories and as new as the last edition of CNN Live. In it we meet two incredible characters that are her hero MacKenzie and her heroine Emma who will ensnare you with their poise and ensconce you into their life of lies. You will immediately feel their attraction to each other and quickly turn pages to learn the outcome, not only of the romance but if they live to discover it. Her co-staring characters are equally interesting from the enigmatic couple we met in an earlier work Grace and Faroe to the current company men and the deeply unnerving criminals. The romance is fast, furious and sizzling as the couple doesn’t know what waits for them tomorrow or even if tomorrow waits for them. The love scenes are hot, sensuous and physical and nothing less than you’d expect of the characters. Yet underneath the sizzle you feel a certain yearning between them, a hope for the future.

You will not be disappointed with Elizabeth Lowell’s latest romantic suspense read. It will be well worth the money, a must read for the summer and a next best seller for this New York Times best selling author.


  1. Hi Debbie - I read this a couple of weeks ago and loved it. I feel like I haven't had anything to say,lately, because I'm still reading The Passage. It's the kind of book that you have to pay attention while you are reading it - that's a good thing, and I think that when I finish it, I'll still be thinking about it for a long while. I'll comment on it when I'm finished.


  2. Can't wait to hear what you think of The Passage Anne.