Thursday, July 15, 2010

Review of Unspeakable

Laura Griffin
Simon and Schuster
384 pages
FBI rookie Elaina McCord has just found herself embroiled in a crime spree that’s unspeakable. She’s got a lot to prove, she just has to figure out who she needs to impress. She’s not sure who to trust especially too handsome true crime author Troy Stockton. Troy is use to love-em and leave-em, but something’s different about Elaina, now if he can just convince her.
Laura Griffin gives us a thrilling, chilling action filled romantic suspense novel in Unspeakable. Her plot is wonderfully inventive which is difficult when dealing with crime drama. Her vivid descriptive dialogue paints the perfect scenes of Southern Texas while she keeps us informed on what’s happening with her mixture of cop-speak, bar-fly jargon and regular narrative. Her characters are well developed and up to the task they’re put to, her hero and heroine are unlikely candidates for a couple but that doesn’t stop her from pairing them up and then making them work hard for their happy ending. Her co-staring characters fill in the blanks and complete the tale. Her romance is intense and physical while her love scenes are hot, spicy and sensual but also give you enough room to use a little imagination.
So if you’re ready for a read that takes place where the summers are hot and the romance is hotter give Unspeakable a try. If your kind of beach read comes with a warning label, this one’s for you. If you like your thrillers complimented by a great romance this is it. A great summer read for any lover of romantic suspense.

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