Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Review of Sizzling Sixteen

Sizzling Sixteen
Janet Evanovich
St. Martin’s Press
309 pages

Welcome back to the zany, funny and sometimes dangerous life of Stephanie Plum. In her 16th numbered book we find Stephanie and her gang of merry men and women up to their armpits in trouble. Vinny’s missing, there’s no doubt it’s because of his sleezy lifestyle, but he is the boss and so he has to be saved.

Janet never fails to make me laugh and this episode in the life and times of Stephanie Plum is no different. The plot is classic Evanovich, which with her Jersey flair she takes us to the underbelly of society and makes us roll on the floor while doing it. She gives us characters that you have to shake your head at, laugh at, drool over and shrink away in fright of. Stephanie as her protagonist is as fresh as ever, always doubting her abilities as a bounty hunter, always questioning her choices in the men in her life and always without fail getting into hot water that inevitably involves those men to help her get out of. Her other cast of mis-fit characters is a laugh a minute circus of the most imaginative people ever to grace the pages of a novel.

I promise you will roar with laughter, you will delight with joy and you will be frightened all at the same time as you turn pages to learn the outcome of this installment of the perils of Stephanie Plum.

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