Friday, July 16, 2010

Review of Whiplash

Catherine Coulter
G P Putnam’s Sons
402 pages
Whiplash is Catherine Coulter’s 14th in her FBI Thriller series
Erin Pulaski is about to get her Irish-Polish American PI rear into hot water trying to help her latest client, while SAC Bowie Richards is looking for a burglar who daringly dropped out of the window of the CEO of a powerful pharmaceutical company and dropped into the biggest intrigue ever, oddly enough the two events are related. Meanwhile in Washington Dillon and Sherlock are looking into the spectral appearance of to powerful Senator. Soon the two couples are brought together to help Bowie and Erin finds herself where she doesn’t want to be, in the hot seat.
Catherine has wowed us with the antics and heroics of her beloved husband and wife FBI team of Dillon Savich and Lacy Sherlock who’ve at least co-starred if not starred in each of the previous 13 FBI novels. As usual the events portrayed in this volume is something easily taken off CNN or the New York Times and the headline would read “Pharmaceutical Company chooses profit over patient cure”, is it true or just someone trying to sabotage the good name of the giant firm. We’ll leave that for the experts to solve and while they solve it they will take us on a wild ride of an adventure, through the streets of Washington and in the Suburbs of Connecticut while they try and solve two different crime sprees. The dialogue is to the point direct, no overabundance of words here, the author knows what she wants to say and says it, the end. Her characters are, yes, larger than life, and yet they are very personable, very charming in her good guys and very disagreeable in her villains. Her budding romance between Bowie and Erin is very sweet and contains nothing that would be offensive to any reader, but the romance is not the main point that would be the mystery/thriller and that is first rate, filled with intrigue and suspense and heart stopping action.
This is one of your must reads of the summer.

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