Thursday, July 1, 2010

Review of Nothing But Trouble

Nothing But Trouble
Rachel Gibson
354 pages
Mark Bressler lived a charmed life until a life altering car accident. His motto used to be “I’m only good at two things, hockey and sex” only to have the hockey taken out of the equation and what’s left, a hot and angry ex-pro athlete. Then your team brings in Chelsea Ross a sprite of a woman with two toned hair and a penchant for colorful designer dregs who wants to disguise running your life as organization and what have you got “Nothing But Trouble”.
In this delightful light romantic comedy Rachel gives us two contrasting characters as her hero and heroine, but despite that fact they fit together well sort of like ying and yang or more so like Jeckel and Hyde and while they’re stumbling and tripping their way to romance, love and that all elusive Happy ever after we’re awarded with full belly laughing comedy mixed with double r rated hot love scenes and soap opera worthy drama. Her readers will find themselves helpless to do anything besides cheer them up and cheer them on. Her supporting characters some of who we’re reconnecting with from the last novel and some new players are an equally important part of the telling of her tale. A tale right out of the most scandalous of tabloid rags, Mr. Big Deal athlete meets Ms. Little Miss small time actress. But the sparks they will be a-flying and her audience will have no choice but to keep turning pages to find out just how it all works out.
No one is better than Rachel with romance, comedy and drama, add in the sizzle factor and you’ve got yourself one hot summer must read. “Nothing But Trouble” is the second of her Seattle Chinook Hockey series, check out the first one “True Love and Other Disasters”

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