Monday, October 18, 2010

Review of The 3rd Secret by Tara Taylor Quinn

The 3rd Secret

Tara Taylor Quinn


400 pages

In this our 3rd look into the Kelly Chapman files, Kelly gets a call from an acquaintance Erin Morgan defense attorney from Temple Michigan, she’s got a personal dilemma and reaches out to Kelly for guidance. What Erin doesn’t realize is that her life is about to take a turn and she’ll have to rely on her instincts to know what to do, but instincts may not be enough, she may need more than them to save her life. Rick Thomas is your everyday ordinary handyman/construction worker and he finds himself in a world of trouble, he does the only thing he can and reaches out to Erin Morgan to help in his defense. But is Rick really who he appears, and if not is he friend or foe.

Ms Quinn kept me enthralled throughout this whole novel, I couldn’t turn pages fast enough to find out what was going to happen next. I loved that she included some of Kelly Chapman’s personal challenges that we learned of in the last novel as well as introducing us to our new protagonists for her third in the series. Her plot was inventive and realistic enough to entice even the staunchest crime drama fan and yet gives us a romantic suspense to keep all those fans well satisfied as well. She accomplishes this with a dialogue that enhances all the characters portrayed in the novel. Her characters are exceptionally skilled in who they depict and they are all very important to the story, you will especially hate the villain when he/she is revealed and love all the kind hearted souls who litter the rest of the pages. Her hero Rick and heroine Erin are a couple that her readers will feel compassion for while we’ll also wonder if there will ever be hope for them. The romance is fraught with second guesses, danger and peril in between moments of tenderness and longings. The love scenes are tame by today’s standards but even die hard hot romance fans like me won’t feel let down by them because it just leaves our imaginations to fill in the blanks.

This is an automatic must read for all fans of dramatic romantic suspense, fans of crime drama and mystery fans as well. Those of you who enjoy Carla Neggers, J T Ellison or Brenda Novak will love Tara Taylor Quinn. This novel stands very well alone but I would suggest reading the whole series to get all the details you’d miss otherwise.

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