Thursday, October 14, 2010

Review of Veil of Night by Linda Howard

Veil of Night

Linda Howard

Ballantine Books

340 pages

The wedding planning business can be Wilde, Wilder and even deadly

Jaclyn Wilde co-owns Premier an event but mostly wedding planning business. The last thing she needs in her life are the complications of a man especially after dealing with the bride of Satan all day, fondly known as bridezilla, but we rarely get what we want. Eric Wilder has to admit he likes his life the way it is, after all life for a homicide cop can sometimes be crazy days followed by crazy nights, but even he has to admit that there’s just something about Jaclyn that pushes all the right buttons for him. A murder is just what might put a death to their new relationship, well better their relationship then them.

You’d think with the Romance Writers of America Career Achievement Award under her belt as well as dozens of previous novels, Ms Howard would relax just a bit, well you’d be wrong. The Queen of Romantic Suspense is at it again, this time in a suburb of Atlanta showing us that crime isn’t just for the inner city. And who else would think of combining a bride reality show with a tough cop show, co-mingling the characters into one hot love story and do it all with not only killer drama but laugh out loud scenes from her many wedding scenarios and other humorous situations. And it couldn’t be pulled off without incredible characters that are so three dimensional and life-like that you’d swear you’ve actually met them somewhere before. The romance is rife with meteroic sized pitfalls and as the attraction literally reels this couple in her readers will just have to prepare for the fireworks. The love scenes are hot, sexy and descriptive, so no reading this as a bedtime story for the little ones, in fact keep it in the deepfreeze because that’s where you’ll need to cool down after being a fly on the wall in the bedroom scenes.

This novel will please a multitude of fans, first the contemporary romance fan, then the romantic suspense fan, the thriller fan, the crime drama fan and finally but never least the fan of romance on the sizzle burner.

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