Thursday, October 28, 2010

Review of Indulgence in Death by J D Robb

Indulgence in Death

JD Robb

J P Putnam’s Sons

373 pages

Indulgence in Death is the 31st novel in the IN DEATH series

Fresh from vacationing in Ireland as well as other romantic climes, Eve is back and ready for duty, and boy does duty call. She is given a couple of random murders that typically wouldn’t set off any alarms, but there’s a connection she’s sure of it, now she just has to prove it and hope she can do it in time to stop more

Ms. Robb aka Nora Roberts is as prolific as an author can be with literally thousands of novels under her belt over the years and in this particular series this is her 31st installation of the many faces and stories of Eve Dallas and Roarke. Romance and mystery are Ms Robb’s middle name, or they should be, in this case for Eve Dallas Ms. Robb doesn’t disappoint her fans as the story line is as inventive and out side the box as you’d expect with this science fiction/futuristic series, and yet with all the toys that these people get to use she also conveys believability in her scenes, so much so that her readers will find themselves wondering where their flying cars and fancy wrist units are when the last page is turned. Her characters are just as out there as the plot and go from the mundane to the “frosty” and those in between, but what her readers will find across the board are how imperative they all are to the fulfillment of the tale. Her fans will find all their friends from past novels in residence in this one so have no fear you will be able to catch up on them. Her villains however are quite exceptional in this one as you find out relatively early on who is suspected and the greatest part of the plot is devoted to catching him/her/them. As always in one of Ms. Robbs/Roberts novels you will come to expect a certain familiarity in her dialogue and you will find that in this one as well. Her romance between Eve and Roarke is on going and yet with each novel they go forward in their understanding and acceptance of each other and in each novel we learn a little more about our couple get a little better insight into what makes them tick and why they work so well as a romantic couple. And the love scenes are also as you’d come to expect “on the sizzle burner”.

So keep up with you friends in the late 21st century and read the latest in J D Robb’s In Death series, “Indulgence In Death”, you won’t be sorry you did.