Monday, October 11, 2010

Review of Sin Undone by Larissa Ione

Sin Undone

Larissa Ione

The Hatchet Group

400 pages

Sin Undone is the 5th in the Demonica series.

Being a paid assassin is nothing compared to the fact that Sinead is the only known female Seminus Demon ever known to exist and along with her twin brother Lore (Ecstasy Unveiled) didn’t know they were anything but human until they hit puberty, then lookout world. Sin has learned not to show or even have feelings for anyone so when she finds herself surrounded by previously unknown and now overprotective brothers, she’s way out of her comfort zone. She’s somehow created a lethal infection where only were-wolves are affected and she and her brothers are on a non-stop mission to stop this deadly disease. Add to that equation a sexy dhampire (half were-wolf/ half vampire) paramedic working at Underworld General who’s just a little too attracted to a certain literal killer of a demon in Sin and watch the fireworks explode.

In this era of overexposure to everything paranormal it’s nice to see an author of that genre that has a little extra something when it comes to imagination. She’s created a civilization of citizens that we blooded folks think go bump in the night living simultaneously yet shaded from the human realm, she made them enemies and yet made one safe haven that they all share, Underworld General and the different species who would normally be enemies working together there. She does it with no-nonsense dialogue filled with words that you’d expect to come out of the mouths of demons. She gives us unimaginable plots that include a look at a pre-apocalyptic earth with the threat of Armageddon and she does it with precise descriptive dialogue which will engage the senses of her readers. Her characters are all over the top being angels and demons, humans and some things somewhere in between that are all intricately woven into the story. The hero Con and the heroine Sin are two definite opposites that are attracted to each other and the results are TNT meets napalm and yet there are fewer who truly deserve their HEA than these two, but getting there might just kill them. The romance is as edgy as the characters involved and the love scenes are earthy and visceral and scream sex first and much later is love.

If your kind of romantic suspense stars creatures from nightmares, if you like your romance on the wild side, if you aspire to be a demon when you grow up, this is your kind of romance. This novel reads well by itself, but to get all the nuances and history of these and all the characters I would suggest reading the whole series.

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