Friday, October 29, 2010

Review of Assassin's Honor by Monica Burns

Assassin’s Honor

Monica Burns

Berkley Sensation

342 pages

Monica Burns gives heart to this new series and a new way to look at the profession of assassins. A must read new vision in the paranormal romance genre.

Ares DeLuca is a leader in an ancient order long thought of as a fantastical legend, his people live in secrecy to avoid detection by their ancient enemies, detection that could mean death unless they strike and kill first. They’re bound by honor to protect the innocent and have special powers to help them. The last thing Ares needs is a woman with her own power to muddy the waters and steal his heart as well as his “Assassin’s Honor”. Emma Zale is no stranger to tragedy, her parents were murdered on an archeological expedition and what was thought to be an isolated incident may just be more, more than she bargained for especially when she meets a sexy and dangerous stranger, a stranger that’s not good for her heart or her health.

Ms. Burns is quite the talented storyteller and she proves this with a unique and refreshing voice in paranormal romance. Her plot is as fantastical as her characters and you will need to think outside the box as you will with any otherworldly genre. The thing you will find with this novel is the believability factor. Even though her audience knows they’re reading something truly fictional she gives a sense of reality with it. I love her dialogue with the hint of some old forgotten dialect of Italian interspersed with modern day narrative. Her characters also have that believability factor in them and we will love the hero and heroine as much as we will hate the villains. Speaking of her hero Ares and heroine Emma, this is a couple that should never be together because of their differences and yet we can’t help but pull for them, root for them and hurt with them as they struggle their way together and toward their Happy Ever After, which if they get it will have earned it tenfold. The romance is fraught with sinkholes big enough to hide a small European country and perils that will turn the staunchest reader pale. Her love scenes are hot enough to scorch the paint of the walls so be near a fan when you read it.

If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary when it comes to a new series especially if you love paranormal/fantasy series then this new series is for your. So start from the beginning and prepare to turn pages faster than you can imagine to get to the end of “Assassin’s Honor”.

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