Monday, November 1, 2010

Review of Love Capri Style by Lynn Reynolds

Love Capri Style

Lynn Reynolds

The Wild Rose Press

198 pages

Sometimes you just need a romance, if this is one of those times let me make a suggestion. Love Capri Style will leave you deeply in love with love. If it’s not the scenery it’s the characters, if it’s not the azure tint to the water it’s the fact that true love is hard to find, harder to keep and precious in all accounts.

Ms. Reynolds has the ability to spin a tale like no other, she continually impressed me in this very short novella by not only telling and completing the story in 198 short pages but in doing so with humor and most of all with heart. Her dialogue is the eloquence of the British mixed with the gum popping American youth and swarthy Italian millionaire and her narrative will take you on a photo book journey of the Isle of Capri with her attention to detail and graphic scenic depiction, while she makes us laugh out loud with her humorous remarks. The characters will blow you away and go from the fabulous to the more fabulous. The hero Eric and heroine Amanda are humbly speaking two of the most deserving of their Happy Ever After, but will they get it. Ah for that you’ll need to find out for yourself. The love scenes will scorch any surface you put it down on, oh and be sure to be directly under the air-conditioner vent while reading.

Like I said sometimes you just need a romance, so if you need a little pick me up, if that old geezer you married 40years ago is getting on your nerves, if the kids are screaming in your ear or maybe your boss is being a little over demanding. Take a step back, relax and pick up Love Capri Style and begin a trip that will change your life.

Kudos to you Ms. Reynolds for one heck of a romance. Oh and if you like a little suspense with your romance try Thirty Nine Again.

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