Monday, November 15, 2010

Review of Unforgivable by Laura Griffin


Laura Griffin

Pocket Books

387 pages

Publish date 11/30/2010

Unforgivable is the third in Ms. Griffin’s exciting Tracers Series.

Dr. Mia Voss has been a top Delphi Center operative and above reproach, until now. Some one is threatening her and her family and is making it clear that she does what they say or else. What she doesn’t need is super cop Ric Santos snooping around stirring up feelings that she’d rather not think about while also being her conscience. Ric Santos has a good reason for not wanting sexy Mia Voss in his life, she’s the nesting sort and all he wants is meaningless encounters with women. But something is happening that is keeping them in close contact and that contact is about to react like tnt to a spark. He needs to keep her safe, he needs to find out what she’s hiding and he needs to keep his hands off of her.

In this the third of her Tracers series Laura Griffin gives us a strong story line that is easily believed in today’s society of intrigue and above the law politicians and her audience will get their fill of both in this action packed thriller. She will wow us with her narrative that will invite you into her world of crime drama by taking you on a journey for the senses. She will do this through her enigmatic characters most of whom we’ve met in previous episodes of the Tracers series but not all of them. And you her readers will have to look hard to see that almost invisible line between good and evil and determine who wears the white hat and who wears the black as she takes us through the twists and turns of this novel and I’ll bet very few of you will know who the villain is until the author wants us to know him/her. Her romance is frustrating and entertaining and you will doubt this couple is heading for their HEA because of all the obstacles she gives them to get through. The love scenes however leave no room for doubt that these two people are compatible in the biblical sense.

Ms. Griffin has a way with words that will keep her readers engrossed for the entire length of her novels and this one is no different. She will lure you with a plot right off CNN or your local headlines, she’ll hook you with her dialogue that will keep you turning pages without stopping and she’ll reel you in with her characters that are over the top and yet your next door neighbors in one. This is a good stand a lone novel but my suggestion is read the series.


  1. I love all of Laura Griffin's books, and can't wait to get my hands on this one. It sounds terrific!

  2. If you love her novels, you'll definitely love this one Star.