Friday, November 12, 2010

Review of The Keepers by Heather Graham

The Keepers

Heather Graham

Harlequin Nocturne

283 pages

The Keepers is the first in a collaborative trilogy by three award winning authors 1)The Keepers by Heather Graham, 2) The Shifters by Alexandra Sokoloff and 3) The Wolven by Deborah LeBlanc.

The otherworld or underworld has to have order and policing just like the human world and that’s where The Keepers come in, in the form of three sisters each responsible for a sector or species of creature they make sure the rules are followed or the consequences could be deadly.

Fiona MacDonald is the keeper of the Vampire society and it looks like there’s a rogue out there killing innocent and not so innocent victims and while she’s hot on their trail she’s constantly bumping into sexy Vampire cop Jagger DeFarge with who’s help she intends to put an end to the killings even if it kills her. Jagger is a Vampire and perhaps a better New Orleans cop because of it, he can smell a rat and the rat seems to be a Vampire, but not all is as it seems and he with the help of sexy Vampire Keeper Fiona will have to battle to end the senseless killings.

These characters are literally out of this world and out of this world good as well, we have all manner of fantasy and paranormal species that could only be visited between the pages of a novel of which Ms. Graham is no stranger as she herself is the author of many, many previous paranormal reads. She gives us a dialogue mix between antebellum and modern slang with characters that could grace the cover of Vogue one minute and the cover of Sci-Fi magazine the next. Her hero Jagger and heroine Fiona give us mere humans something to yearn for as she mixes not races but species to race toward their HEA. The love scenes are as hot as the New Orleans summer and will make your palms sweat even in the Arctic in winter, and yet the love these two characters feel for each other make the explicitness of the scenes necessary.

So get your bite on and experience the first in this wonderfully new, inventive and imaginative paranormal trilogy The Keepers is a keeper.

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