Friday, November 19, 2010

Review of Strangers by Mary Anna Evans


Mary Anna Evans

Poisoned Pen Press

305 pages

Strangers is Ms. Evans 6th in her Faye Longchamps series.

Faye and Joe have opened their own consulting firm and have landed a job in St. Augustine to research a B&B’s owners property to determine whether or not they can dig a pool. Faye is very late in her pregnancy and Joe is hovering but sometimes even hovering can’t stop danger.

If you’re a fan of Ms. Evans like I am you’d know that her series is set in Florida, well most of the time anyway, which is the home of Faye, and Florida is usually the setting for tourists no matter the city, I always love being educated while reading for pleasure and this novel was no different, in fact did you know that the word Strangers originally meant tourists and I’m sure any native will agree that tourists are indeed strange, but necessary. But let me get back on topic. Ms. Evans has as usual a very unique plot, though contemporary in nature we also deal a great deal with the past as our protagonists are archeologists and it’s probably pretty unusual for said archeologists to be involved in murder and mayhem, but you'll find Faye and Joe deep in the middle of their job when a young woman goes missing. Her characters are wonderfully portrayed, all interesting and all very important to the story. And yes this is a who-done-it but I’ll bet you don’t know who done it until the very end when the author let’s you in on her secret. The hero and heroine Joe and Faye are one of my very favorite couples in a literary series and if you’ve read the whole series you’ll know what I mean, if not briefly it’s their ancestral diversities and their own love story that has been told through out the series.

If you like a mystery series with a little more bite than a cozy and yet not quite a thriller, this series will appeal to you. If you love well developed, well depicted characters with great stories of their own then you will love this. This novel stands well on it’s own except for the background you will have learned about the characters. Ms. Evans kudos and I can’t wait for the next one.

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