Monday, November 8, 2010

Review of The 4th Victim by Tara Taylor Quinn

The 4th Victim

Tara Taylor Quinn

Mira Publishing

336 pages

The 4th Victim is the 4th and final episode in Ms. Taylor Quinn’s Kelly Chapman files series and will be released in early December.

Kelly Chapman, a national expert witness and psychologist living in her hometown of Chandler Ohio disappears while skating one morning in early December, because of her notoriety and the contents of her past and present cases the FBI is quickly called in and along with local authorities starts the search. Dedicated FBI agent Clay Thatcher gets the call to head up the search for Kelly and while going through all her current and past case files trying to find the culprit and more importantly finding Kelly alive he becomes captivated with her and the search becomes his personal mantra and the more he learns about her the more she becomes a permanent resident in his psyche.

In this latest thriller Ms. Taylor Quinn gives us a lot to chew on in terms of content. We her audience will revel in the intricacies she reveals about her characters where she bears souls and opens hearts. Her plot is more than interesting, it’s engrossing and enthralling. It’s content is very contemporary and we of the all news all the time generation will love it. She will wow and woo us with her narrative as she bounces between the victim, and the hardened law officer, between friends and foes of Kelly’s and between those who love her and those who owe her their very lives. We readers will be reunited with the past cases that she brought us in the previous novels of the series, we’ll get to see how the romances solidified. Her heroine is the unflappable Kelly Chapman who isn’t used to being a victim and shows us that she doesn’t handle it well either. And her hero in this case is a lonely man with issues and who better to pair him with than our lovely Ms. Chapman. Her romance is endearing, enchanting and sweet as we see our hero and heroine learn to trust each other by trusting their hearts and opening their eyes to possibilities that neither of them ever expected. Her other characters are used to fill the informational holes provided by our main protagonists and are more than important to the story.

If you’ve become a fan of Kelly Chapman you won’t want to miss her very own file entry. If you love Tara Taylor Quinn this will only reinforce that love. If you love good old fashioned romantic suspense with the emphasis on suspense give this one a try. This stands well alone, but why deny yourself the pleasure of the whole series.

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