Friday, March 4, 2011

Review of Darkfire Kiss by Deborah Cooke

Darkfire Kiss

Deborah Cooke

Penguin Group- publish date May 2011

416 pages

ISBN-13: 9870451233493

The one thing that Rafferty Powell longs for is his firestorm, but when it comes it comes with an ancient omen, darkfire, an omen of change. The question is will that change be for the better or the worse. Melissa Smith is used to disappointments but she’s vowed to rise once again like the phoenix from the ashes, only it’s not a phoenix that she sees but dragons, honest to God fire breathing dragons and as she’s taking photos she tells herself what any self respecting journalist thinks, a picture is worth a thousand words. But she and Rafferty have much to do because with the darkfire comes the uncertainty of not only their future but the future of the entire planet.

Deborah Cooke can tell a story, let’s say a story about fire breathing, shape-shifting dragon people and have her audience not only believe her but want one for themselves. Okay that was me talking. She gives us story lines that comes straight from Marvel comics or from the pages of an Arthurian legend , but then she takes it one step further, she gives them heart and soul and makes it a romance to boot. Now if her story line is over the top how could you possible describe the characters, well that’s the easy part, they’re Awesome, Stupendous, and best of all handsome devils, uh I mean dragons. The main characters in this episode of the life and times of the Pyr. Rafferty and Melissa make a perfect pair and unlike some of the previous firestorms we’ve witnessed they don’t try to avoid or negate it, in fact they jump in with both feet and darn the consequences and consequences there are. The romance is almost painful to watch because these two really deserve their Happy Ever After and there’s so much against them, but when fate prevails you’ll be cheering along with the others while drying your tears of joy. The love scenes are, well they’re as hot as the fire the dragons breathe, it’s lusty and sexy and earthy and yeah you’ll need to lower the thermostat to get through it.

If this is your first dragon experience, have no fear this reads pretty well on it’s own, but then do yourself a huge favor and get the rest, find out where they came from and in the process you’ll find out where they’re going as well. Don’t wait until it comes out in May, pre-order it now. You won’t be sorry.

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  1. I already own the other 5 and am so impatient for May that it's not funny!! I even have the short Harmonia's Kiss. Rafferty has always been one of my favorite dragons and I can't wait to read about his firestorm.

  2. thanks for the comment wildchild, you will not be sorry when you get this novel, and the only thing that'll be hard will be waiting for what's to come next.