Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Review of Hidden Away by Maya Banks

Hidden Away

Maya Banks

Berkley Sensation

336 pages

Hidden Away is the 3rd in the KGI series

Sarah Daniels is on the run, she was a witness to murder and not knowing who to trust she leaves the country and hope’s that she’s “Hidden Away”.
Garrett Kelly is recovering from a bullet he took for his beloved sister-in-law, but when the CIA tells him who they want him to track down, he wants the job. There’s only one problem, Sarah Daniels is a complication that Garrett doesn’t need, she seems innocent enough but Garrett has doubts so he just needs to keep a close eye on her, which isn’t a chore since she’s beautiful and Garrett finds himself instantly attracted to her.

Maya Banks continues her saga of the Kelly family with Hidden Away where her plot is full of action, suspense and nail biting drama, full of good guys and bad guys and those in between. She tells us her story with the sharp tongued dialogue you’d expect from counter intelligence operators, spies and traitors. Her character development is very in depth that even as a first time reader of her series you’d be able to pretty much pick up the gist of the background. Her hero and heroine of this installment are exactly what you’d expect and yet I was pleased to get to know them. And don’t expect their Happy Ever After to be a piece of cake, it’s not and you will feel every injury and every insult with them as they traverse the pages of the novel. The romance is intense and yet I still could feel the chivalry of Garrett and the unsurety of Sarah to believe. The love scenes are spicy and hot and rated a definite R, so don’t let your pre-teens near it.

If you’re the kind of romance lover who yearns for the over the top in characters and story line then you’ll love this, If you like non-stop action combined with intense drama this is for you. If you like the writing of Roxanne St. Claire or Jo Davis then you’ll love this one too.

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