Thursday, March 31, 2011

Review of The Rogue by Claire Delacroix (re-released)

The Rogue
Claire Delacroix
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Five years ago Ysabella gave her love to Merlyn of Ravensmuir, she knew the rumors, she heard the whispers but he somehow just moved her, it didn’t take long for him to show his true colors, his true nature so Ysabella left Ravensmuir and left “The Rogue”. Merlyn has always had to live down the reputation set by his father, he wants to be known as an honorable man, but it’s hard to do especially when your own wife doesn’t believe you. Well it’s been five long years without her, and now he needs her, he still has deep feelings for her and it’s now or never because someone wants to silence “The Rogue” forever.
You know there are so many great contemporary romances out there that I sometimes forget just how passionate historical romance can be, and this author is the Queen of historical romance as far as I’m concerned. It takes a certain kind of magic to describe to a media savvy world the interior of a 12th Century keep, to make her readers use their imagination when picturing characters of that era and no one does it better than Ms. Delacroix. So it’s very fortunate we are that her Ravensmuir series is being re-released for the Kindle right now with the cover that shows Merlyn as the rogue he truly is. She takes us to her imaginary castle in a real Scotland at a long ago time, she gives us a history text book worthy plot, with Oscar worthy characters. The first thing you’ll notice is the antiquated dialogue that fits right in with the times and which shows off effectively her history background. She introduces us to her historically accurate men, women and children she showcases the hard life, the cruelty but she shows us that even in the mean old middle ages love still not only survives but conquers all. Her hero and heroine are head butting, one moment and cleaving to each other the next, does it work, you bet it does. Her romance is of second chances, my favorite, it’s sweet while at the same time heady and innocence mixed with potent sexuality. The love scenes are daydream like and impressionistic and then she’ll hit us up side the head with in your face earthy, visceral action, but she shades it with innuendo and adult language and it won’t offend any true romance lover.
If you’ve forgotten the allure of historical romance or if you just want to fall in love again with the old fashioned kind of knight and lady then come back to Ravensmuir, come back to Scotland, come back to “The Rogue” and come back to Clair Delacroix. You’ll be glad you did.
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  1. Thanks Deb!

    I loved revisiting this book too. That Merlyn. My editor used to call him "Mmm-mmm-Merlyn"!


  2. Claire, I can definitely see the Mmm-mmm factor :)


  3. Im a fan of your Books Ms Claire :)

    1. Isn't she great. Do you know she has a brand new medieval romance series the first book it out
      here's the link

      Thanks for the post :)