Monday, March 21, 2011

Review of My One and Only by Kristan Higgins

My One and Only

Kristan Higgins

Harlequin - Publish date 3-29-2011

ISBN 13: 9780373775576

348 pages

Harper James just received some good (troubling) news, her sister Willa is getting married (again), not just that but she’s marrying Harper’s ex-husband Nick’s brother. Nick the one man it’s taken her years to get over (or not). There’s only one thing to say to that, let the games begin.

Ms. Higgins has put out some of the most memorable novels I’ve ever read, but she’s even outdone herself with this, it’s the best romance I’ve read in years, maybe ever. It’s truly a romance for adults, with adult humor and maturity in the plot, narrative and characters. Her storyline is my all time favorite that of second chances, but it’s the merry chase she sends us on that is the icing on the cake, let me tell you the ways. Her dialogue is sophisticated humor mixed in with barroom bawdiness, it will wow you with the full spectrum of emotions where one minute you’ll bolt out a full belly laugh followed by wiping dry your eyes, sometimes from happiness and sometimes from sadness but always with that unique sense of reality that Ms. Higgins puts in her writing. Her characters deserve better descriptions than I could ever give and wait until you meet Coco, she’s a star in her own solar system. Her hero Nick is my new crush as he will be yours too with his down home, boy next-door charm and his New York sophistication. Her heroine Harper defies all of your former favorite heroines, because, believe me the mold broke after her. To get to know her is to be hit over the head with a baseball bat with her quick wit, her sass and the ever-popular know-it-all attitude. The other characters are the most fitting for their roles that I have seen and you will get to be intimate with each and every one. The romance, ah the romance, it’s poignant, it’s funny, it’s heartbreaking and it’s exciting, and it’s so obvious that these two are really deserving of that all elusive Happy Ever After, the question is can they get it and more importantly can they keep it. The love scenes and there are some are muted in their descriptiveness but not in their intensity or their sensuality and you’ll appreciate the mature way she handles them.

So be prepared to be awed, to be stunned, to be delighted and to read the best romance of the year, maybe the decade, oh heck the millennia. I only found one thing disappointing in this novel, that it ended.

Ms. Higgins thank you for the most enjoyable read I’ve experienced for a long time.


  1. Holy guacamole! Thank YOU! I think I may have this review read at my funeral...I'm very, very thrilled that you liked the book so much. Thank you! Truly.

  2. Oh Kristan, I LOVED IT. Melanie from B& romance said that you will be visiting on April 4th, I can't wait to talk to you then.

  3. Couldn't have said it better myself... I absolutely LOVED it! I laughed and cried and sighed, couldn't put the book down until the end. All of Kristan's books are amazing, she's truly one gifted author, simply the best!
    One day I hope to meet this amazing woman, I'm her BFF- Biggest Fan Forever!
    Thank you Kristan for sharing your talents! Smiles, Lorelei

  4. Thanks for your comment Lorelei, I couldn't agree more

  5. Hi Debbie - As usual, I'll be adding another book to the TBR pile - it sounds great! - I can't wait. Leaving tomorrow for a couple of weeks in FLA - taking plenty of books - not sure how much I'll be online - Stay Well...


  6. Anne, have a great vacation and I know you'll love this one.