Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Review of Treachery In Death by JD Robb

Treachery In Death

J D Robb

Penguin Group

375 pages

Treachery In Death is the 32nd in the IN DEATH series

The year 2060 is turning out just like 2059 with chaos and crime, but this time the crimes are more heinous because the perpetrators are supposed to be the good guys. Because of a accidental rendezvous that could have been fatal, Peabody overhears bad cops on the take and not just any bad cop but the daughter of a former commander with a spotless and impeccable record. Now Eve and her team not only must but want to take these bad apples off the tree but they have to be very careful while doing it, because knowing and proving are two very different animals and these animals like killing.

How does after 31 episodes in the same series the author keep things fresh? Well it’s a mystery to me I’m just glad it’s not a mystery to Ms. Robb or I should say Ms. Roberts. Here she is again with a riveting, tense drama incorporated with a sensual and lusty romance, which hasn’t gotten stale either I might add. In this installment we find the plot right out of any big city Police Department files. We also find her by now very familiar narrative, that in your face brashness by Eve coupled with the Celtic sexy undertones of Roarke and the other characters who have their own way of speaking that keeps her fans coming back for more. Ah and let’s talk about her characters who by now we know as well as any neighbor or co-worker and they also have stayed fresh as we continue to learn more about them and what makes them tick. The romance is an ongoing Happy Ever After between Eve and Roarke along with the side couples of Peabody and McNabb and countless others that we get to keep an eye on with each novel. The love scenes are hot, sweaty, sensual and sexy.

So do yourself a favor and see what the gang is up to now you wont’ be sorry you did. Oh and if you happen to live off-planet and haven’t ever read this series, don’t worry it does well on it’s own. But when it’s finished go back to the beginning, find out why Roarke carries a button in his pocket and how Peabody and McNabb got together find out from the beginning.


  1. Hi Debbie - I read this the week it came out - I too, can't figure out how she keeps coming up with great plots, but I'm glad she does ! I think that this and the last book were better than the few before them. As usual, I can't wait for the next !!!

  2. Anne, thanks for the comment. I agree that this one and the last were exceptional