Friday, April 15, 2011

Already Home by Susan Mallery

Already Home

Susan Mallery


ISBN 13: 9780778329510

368 pages

Newly divorced and recently moved back home Jenna Stevens is about to embark on a new life and new career from Sous-Chef to retail store owner. Little does she know that her life has not quite stopped spinning as she’s about to have more surprises fall at her feet.

Susan Mallery has brought us many heartwarming tales and Already Home is just another in that long list, in it she presents to us a storyline that is lived for real everyday in just about every locale across the globe, someone starting over with the help and support of her family. Then our author extraordinaire throws us a couple curve balls worthy of the MLB and as the plot takes it twists and turns the audience revels in the resulting chaos. She delivers this with dialogue that’s easy to understand and easy to read and a narrative that’s descriptive enough that we can easily picture her scenes in our heads. She gives us characters that are all memorable and imperative to the tale. Her main protagonist and heroine Jenna is a breath of fresh air with all those perfect Barbie like heroines out there we finally get one with substance and errors. Now don’t fret, yes this is a romance, and Jenna does get her knight in shining armor in the package of a holistic doctor named Ellington who is another bright spot on the character horizon. Where most authors would leave things there, our Ms. Mallery takes it a step or two further by bringing in more main characters, more problems and more solutions to really get our blood flowing, which of course works to perfection. The love scenes are very shadowy and hide behind the curtain of innuendo and vagueness and would not offend any reader but those of us all in favor of hot and spicy scenes, have no fear it’s plain enough that we’ll get it with no trouble at all.

Almost Home is telling us, it’s never too late to start over and you can go home again. It tells us that blood isn’t always thicker than water and family isn’t necessarily born into but made. It tells us that just because we fail at love once doesn’t mean we should give up, look long enough for it and it’ll come. So if all of that is what you look for in your romance, look no further and definitely put Already Home on your To Be Read pile right on top.
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