Friday, April 22, 2011

Review of Phantom Evil by Heather Graham

Phantom Evil

Heather Graham


368 pages

ISBN 13: 9789778329534

A distraught senator’s wife is found dead of an apparent suicide in the garden of her supposed haunted house. Wanting answers albeit discreetly the senator calls on a newly formed government team run by Adam Harrison and led by enigmatic Jackson Crow. This assignment may be just what the doctor order for Jackson after the tragedy that was his last case with the FBI. Now he’s teamed up with 5 specially equipped people to handle all things paranormal and what better place to test that theory and the team then The Big Easy. Angela Hawkins is a trained policewoman from Virginia who at a young age had her first experience with paranormal activity when the plane her family was on crashed killing her parents and almost herself as well. She’s learned who to trust and who to stay away from and she’s learned about love and loss, but Jackson is more than what she’s expecting and maybe more than her heart can handle. But their attraction is hard to resist and there’s enough to worry about without complications of the heart there’s something in the house something not right could it be “Phantom Evil”.

Heather Graham always does a bang up job when she expertly mixes paranormal with romance, she always comes up with likeable and believable characters and even though the plot may be quite a bit outside the normal box she somehow makes her audience believers during the read. Well Phantom Evil is no different there’s enough from both worlds to excite any fan. She gives us a storyline that could be seen on any news show or headline and then she makes it more interesting by giving it a shade of otherworldly. She will take you to the French Quarter and Bourbon Street, introduce you to the characters who call it home and she’ll show you the real New Orleans through her descriptive narrative. Her characters are spot on, perfectly portrayed and infinitely important to the telling of the story from the Voodoo Priestess to the ghosts themselves. Her hero and heroine are two people in desperate need of one another and she brings them together with earth moving and fireworks and keeps them together with honesty and compassion and of course with heat, because the love scenes are as hot as the humidity is high in a New Orleans summer.

So take a stroll downtown, blow the sugar off a beignet while you enjoy a cup of pecan coffee and batten down the hatches of your emotions as this paranormal, psychological thriller will take you on a frightening journey, one that will leave you breathless when the ride is over.
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