Thursday, April 14, 2011

Review of One Magic Moment by Lynn Kurland

One Magic Moment

Lynn Kurland

Jove a Division of The Penguin Group- Publish Date May 2011

ISBN 13: 9780515149517

384 pages

John de Piaget has many secrets and so when his world is literally turned upside down by a feisty medieval historian who just so happens to live in a neighboring castle he doesn’t know whether to give into or fight the longing she brings out in him. Tess Alexander is still reeling from loosing her sister Pippa, no she didn’t die, she went to live in the past, the medieval past with a real life medieval warrior for a husband, but Tess knows that life must go on and taking her car for repair seems a good way to start. That is until she gets a good look at the owner of the shop and if he’d just exchange jeans for hose and a t-shirt for a tunic he’d be the spitting image of her sister’s new husband, but that can’t be because he lives far away like 800 years away.

The de Piaget’s are one of Lynn Kurland’s prolific families in her series which switches between the modern day and UK in the middle ages. So in this plot you won’t be surprised to find people lurking in times not their own, and yes it’s fantastical but she brings believability to the table too by bringing us an up close and personal look at that time. Her dialogue is a mix of modern narrative with just a smidgen of aye’s and nays and arses to make it more enjoyable. Her characters are refreshing in their modesty and innocence in an otherwise very sexual orientated genre and yet she still emphasizes lust, love and all the things that go with them. Her hero John and heroine Tess are exquisite examples Ms. Kurland’s creative mind and will not let you down in their ability to keep us turning pages. Her romance is at once improbable at the worst impossible but somehow they pull it off. The love scenes are chaste and demure and yet even the most unyielding romance lover will not be disappointed with the lack of physical love.

If this is your first journey provided by Ms. Kurland my suggestion would be as soon as you read the last page visit Lynn Kurland’s website here and start from the very beginning find out where they all came from and where they ended up.
If you are a tried and true Lynn Kurland fan then this is your heaven, finding out the next chapter in this long lasting series. Stop by, pick a comfortable chair by the fire and read til your heart’s content.
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