Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Review of The Scoundrel by Claire Delacroix

The Scoundrel

Claire Delacroix

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Gawain Lammergeir is a thief and a scoundrel, he’s been driven out of many places even his own brother’s keep so when he’s totally and entirely seduced by who he thinks is a woman of ill repute he looses more than a night’s sleep.
Fifteen years ago a thief came to Inverfyre and took not only it’s hospitality but it’s most cherished and treasure relic, one that has cost Inverfyre everything and Evangeline is willing to do anything to get that relic back and if that means seducing the scoundrel, so much the better because maybe she may get more than just the relic.

Welcome back to medieval Scotland and welcome back to the Lammergeir family of scoundrels and rogues. This is the story of Gawain the Scoundrel and Evangeline of Inverfyre his lady fair and what a tale it is with all the pageantry and pain that was the era. Ms. Delacroix is most accurate in her recounting of the simplicity as well as the enormousness of the period. With her storyline set in medieval Scotland where her readers will revel in castles and lords and ladies she continues her saga of the Lammergeir family in splendid detail. Her characters are also period accurate in their manner, speech and attire as well as the dialogue which is hard to understand at first but totally necessary and quite enjoyable after you get into the read. Her hero Gawain and heroine Evangeline are two exceptionally developed characters very in depth and detailed. Their romance is however at times a comedy of errors and at times a true tragedy for their seemingly unattainable love. The love scenes are sensual, sexy and sizzle on the page and at times are quite naughty for your reading pleasure.

If it’s been a while since you’ve read a historical romance or a while since you read Claire Delacroix, now’s the time to get reacquainted with her, her characters and her beautiful tales as two of her historical series are being re-released for the Kindle and there will be others to follow so stay tuned.
Ms. Delacroix, I only have one thing to say, well okay two things, Thank You and keep them coming.

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