Thursday, April 21, 2011

Review of A Creed in Stone Creek by Linda Lael Miller

A Creed in Stone Creek Book 1 in the Creed Cowboy Series

Linda Lael Miller


384 pages

ISBN 13: 9780373775552

Steven Creed needs stability in his life now that he has Matt, his newly adopted son and after a visit with Meg McKettrick-O’Ballivan his long lost cousin he decides that Stone Creek has everything he’s looking for, the one thing he’s not looking for is sexy Prosecutor Melissa O’Ballivan. Mellissa wants what her sisters and brother have, a family and someone to love forever, she’s lost at love before so she’s not sure she’d know what love is if it bit her, well she’s about to learn the hard way that when love takes it’s bite it’s sometimes painful, especially if you run into “A Creed in Stone Creek”.

Linda Lael Miller is the Queen of western romance, she gives us the action, the wide open spaces and the down home goodness of small town America and she’s given us another winner with this one. It’s a storyline that her fans will recognize as well as they recognize both the famous families represented from her series. Her characters are as big as their ranches and boisterous to boot. Her hero and heroine are superb examples of deep rooted and good hearted people who just need a little help to get together and that help comes in a very small package, a 5 year old package by the name of Matt, who’s heart is as big as Arizona and Ms. Miller did an expert job of portraying him. The romance is far from perfect in the script but perfection is what you’d call the way it all comes together under the expert pen of our author. The love scenes are hotter than Arizona in August.

If you’ve never read Linda Lael Miller’s McKettrick or O’Ballivan novels, aliens must have kept you for years out of the range of a Harlequin romance especially this prolific Harlequin author. If you are a seasoned fan of her this will feel like a warm fuzzy robe and a pair of comfy slippers, like coming home, when you read it. Either way fall in love with the bigger than the sky McKettrick and O’Ballivan families.
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  1. LL Miller is a big favorite for me. You're absolutely right that she does cowboys with great flair. I'm looking forward to the next two...due out this summer, I believe.

  2. Thanks for the comment, I too am looking forward to the rest of the series, I'm anxious to see what happened between the brothers and how she will reconcile them.