Monday, November 14, 2011

Review of All I Want For Christmas is A Vampire by Kerreyln Sparks

All I Want For Christmas is a Vampire
Kerrelyn Sparks
ISBN 13- 970061118463
370 pages

Toni Davis trying to prove the existence of Vampires was given that proof almost too good when she herself was attacked. If not for the “good” Vampire that saved her she would have been literally dead meat. Now that she knows they exist how does she go about proving it to save her best friend who as the result of her own attack confessed it to be Vampires and was put in the mental ward of a hospital quicker than you can say AB positive. Toni is offered a job as a daytime guard (babysitter) by her savior the “good” Vampire and thinking it can only help her prove their existence she jumps at the chance.
Ian MacPhie was tired of looking 15 and that really sucks when you were born in the 16th Century, as a result of a new breakthrough drug he was able to age more than a decade in less than two weeks. Now he’s on a mission to find his true love, the only problem is that he has no idea how to go about it, what is a Vampire to do, seek the advice of friends. Well that was his first mistake, his second was getting up close and personal with Toni Davis his new daytime guard because when they make contact there are sparks flying all over the place. The problem Ian thinks he’ll only be happy with another Vampire and Toni is convinced that she doesn’t deserve to be loved. Karma or fate or kismet has something else in store for these two, is it love, lust or a virus.

Kerrelyn Sparks gets really creative with her Vampire romance and I guess that’s understandable when they are the new black, they’re coming out of closets and getting degrees, are civil servants or kings of the realm and with so many out there this one stands out because these characters are well, more human than most, there’s more emotion in them and I also like how they interact more with the general population of living beings as well. I also like her dialogue with it’s mix of Olde Scottish to American punk and rap and the characters fit the dialogue to a tee. The romance is unbelievable yet the authoress makes it so, the love scenes will sizzle on the page and yet there’s just a hint of the innocence you feel in the hero and heroine.
I’ll have to admit that this is my first by Ms. Sparks but I know it won’t be my last.
This is what every romance lover wants in her stocking and you know we’ve all been good and all we want for Christmas is our Vampire romance.

Buy the book here (from Santa) visit the author's website here and have a Vampy Christmas All


  1. great review..this looks perfect for the holidays :)

  2. I've read the first 4 of this series. My favourite is Be Still My Vampire Heart.

  3. Thanks, I'll have to give that one a try :)